Saturday, April 09, 2011

More Stuffs That I've Been Up To

Just before the start of my 'travel extravagant', I've been enjoying life a fair bit too. Okay, I know this sounds like an understatement, cos many friends are already saying that I've been enjoying life all these while! Haha!!

Well, that can be true.. but then again, the past weeks have been a lil bit more!

I've shared some of it under the How I've Been Enjoying Life..  This Past 2 Weeks. And here's the continuation.

Though, I wouldn't say all these are enjoyment per say,
but they are happy moments in my life.. and some observations that I make :)


Did you know about the SuperMoon? Well, I read bout it on Twitter, the night itself.. but greater KL is so cloudy. Interestingly, I stayed up late that nite.. and so, here's a shot I took at 2am, when the clouds went away. 

kl art, jalan imbi
The other day, I did quite a bit of walking. I should get credit for this, as I walked from Times Square to the hawkers centre beside the Honda Showroom, and back. Well, I had time to kill in between, and wanted to eat the yong tau foo there. Anyway, I thought the walk was good - yeah, I need the exercise! Haha!

Btw, on my way back to the mall, I bumped into this street art. Thought it's quite beautiful. Pity that if you are driving, you'll most likely miss this..  

bali spa cd
I got myself some CDs recently. Realised that while I've been 'enjoying life', but I do seem to be snapping a lil fast of late. And thought some relaxing CDs will do me good. Well, of the 4 I got, this is the best.. ! It sure calms me down.. and at some point, makes me miss Bali! :)

burger ramli
I've also made a stop at one of my favourite hunt for burgers.. this being the Ramly burger at Uptown PJ. A lil unhealthy, I know.. but like the saying goes.. as long it ain't too much, and taken in moderation, that should be okay. Or so I choose to believe. Haha! 

lolipop starbucks malaysia
Do you Starbucks often? I hardly stepped into Starbucks till sometime late last year until a friend kinda 'introduced' me to it. It's not that I dunno about its presence but I just didn't fancy it back then.. and hardly starbuck-ed! But since coming over to it every once in a while late last year, I've since been a lil hooked to it..

Btw, last week, I noticed these lolipop like chocolates at the counter. Thought they are quite interesting, and a good addition to the Starbucks selection (I wonder how it tastes though).

thai temple, pj, jalan gasing
Do u know this temple? This is not Thailand, but a temple in PJ. I like this place of worship for it's Thai architecture, apart from being a Buddhist temple. Yeah, I do come here once in a while to pray, and get some inspiration :)

Oh, I noticed these flowers at the temple too. Reminded me when I was in primary school, and had to wait for the school bus under the hot sun. The only shades were some trees and bushes with these flowers. 

And we, the schoolchildren would actually pluck the flower, and eat/ suck the sweetness from the the other end of the flower (sorry, I don't know the flower terms). So seeing these flowers again sure bring sweet (pun intended) memories! :)

bangkok traffic love story poster
I've been watching some movies as well. I even did a 'movie marathon' of 2 movies in a row, though this is pale compared to what I did back in Singapore.. where I could go for 4 movies back to back!

Btw, one of the movies I watched recently is this superly funny, rather touching, & romantic Thai movie - Bangkok Traffic Love Story!

bn youth job fair
Oh I must also say that I went to the recent BN Job Fair at PWTC. It's interesting why I was there... but that's for another time (soon!). Anyway, the fair was not bad... but I guess one of the most memorable thing from it is this car showcase from the Naza group! That is the one thing that I kinda remember most anyway! Haha!

Well, there, that's what I've been up to of late, just before my travels this April. I'm sure that when I'm back from the travels, there will definitely be more things that I'll see and do..!  (though I also forsee a busier me!)

Anyway, I guess that's life to me.. that is to enjoy every single moment of it! :)

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  1. long time no movie marathonn for me dy! gotta wait Eric up for dat. :p haha


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