Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Masarap Filipino Food!

In 2009, I tried a fair bit of Filipino food, and fell in love with it. 

So when I was back this time round, I had simply more of it! Here are some of the masarap (ie yummy) food I tried. 

sentro 1771
This is Sentro 1771, a Filipino restaurant at Greenbelt, Makati. The food I ordered here are not the usual stuff I eat at the smaller restaurants.. the reason being I wanted to try some unique stuff, and it sure was.

However, I think I prefer the usual Filipino food more - those that I'm more accustomed too, though this wasn't bad, and really different! :)

cheescake manila restaurant

One of the restaurants that I went back to this time round was Cheesecake, etc, a franchise of bar/ restaurant with yummy cakes! While the last time I only had their desserts, I ordered their food this time round.

cheesecake manila
While the main food was okay, I enjoyed the cheesecake a lot! Guess the name of the restaurant says it all! :)

cheezee manila
This was my daily breakfast.. well for 2 days. Yes, this cheap & yummy cheese cream, Cheezee, was that good! I got it at the 7 Eleven, and it sure was one good buy! haha!

lydia's philippines
The one thing I like about Philippines is non other than the variety of pork food that is there! Just look at that btw! This restaurant, Lydia's, serves mixed rice that comes in set.. and like most of the time, the food was tasty!

achoose your smokey
I've mentioned before that I find a fair bit of similarities between the Philippines & USA.. take this hot dog for example. I got this at a stand at the mall. The nice thing bout this Choose Your Smokey is the wide variety of hot dogs it has! And not to mention the taste!

yellow cab pizza
Talking bout American food, another yummy food I tried is this - the Yellow Cab Pizza! I've wanted to try this since the 1st time I was in the Philippines, and am so happy I tried it finally! The pizza is different from the usual I always have back home... like its thin crust and different toppings along with it! Pizza fans should so try this!

adobo chicken
Back to local Filipino food, this is the chicken adobo which I got from the food court at Eastwood mall. It was nice having the adobo, as this is a popular dish there. Btw while this was not bad, but still, I prefer my friend's cooking! :)

The one restaurant that I never fail to eat its at the Binalot. This is a fast food chain serving local Filipino food, wrapped in banana leaves.

Oh I also had this yogurt ice cream while in Manila. Similar to its name, this Qoola is cool lah! We have something similar back here (where u take as much yougurt ice cream you want & then weigh it), but still.. this was nice. Maybe the whole environment & setting played a part to it (this was a 2 storey cafe serving only this!).

Was at here 2 days before, and I just had to come back to try it! :)

Looks like I quite had a 'feast' of sort this trip round. Yeah, I'm a Filipino food fan, and was in food heaven! The only missing food were - Jolibee and the oh-so-must-try balut! Too much to try that yeah, I just had to give these a miss! :)


  1. I think I will love the cheese cream a lot. :D

  2. u've tried so many yummy filipino's foods eh!! so nice!! n i saw a pig! >.<

  3. Gosh, would you just look at all the glorious food you had!! :-O... Wow, I'd love to sink my teeth into the roast pork and ice-cream....yummy!!! xD

    Gotta visit the Philippines one day!! Wee!!^^

  4. You didn't eat balut and kwek kwek? I thought you did! Go back and eat them! Haha!


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