Tuesday, April 12, 2011



In this pic, the background says, adobo connects us all. Well, adobo is a yummy & popular Filipino cuisine. And on the words.. I have to agree to it.. Well, at least to the Filipinos & the ones visiting the country - I'm sure this food is a source of connection, one way or rather! :)

Anyway, being there in Manila & the Philippines, I got to say.. that
I think it's not just the Adobo that connects us all. It's also the Pinoys/ Filipionos!

They are one friendly bunch of people. Really easy to get along with, and such big hearted people!

pinoy friends

I get to know this a lil more (I say more cos I've already have a bunch of nice Pinoy friends).. cos while I was in Manila, I met up with 2 Filipino online buddies. Mentioned to them that I was coming up, and I was glad that they made some time for me! :)

philippines twitter friends

This is Joanne. She has worked abroad in UK, and travels quite a fair bit! While our meeting was short, but she was very nice, and shared me some things about her city, Manila. Plus how she is enjoying life here in the city - now that she's back.

philippines twitter friends

This is Gibo. Quite a funny guy. Yeah, he can make funny faces. Haha! He too shared with me some places of the city, and its food. At the same time, I get to know about him & his career background too, and I must say I am inspired.

Though it's only 2 people, and I only spent a rather short time with them, but these friends really made me feel at home. There is this sense of comfortableness when with them..
it's like as if I've known them for a long time.

I know we (Malaysians) are friendly too, but somehow, I think because of their more relaxed culture, it's so much easier to feel at ease & be good friends with them...

I know some will have doubts on what I say, but well, that's my view & experience anyway.
You can (no, you must) visit the city yourself to see how nice these people are.. and be pinoy-fied yourself! :)


  1. so nice of them ! haha it always good to feels like home while u're away at other country right? :)

  2. I loved Manila so much...especially the bands and the music there. But that was 30 years ago. Hope to go again one of these days...

  3. Awww...sounds like a great place to be o. :D Wow...they take time to meet you? How cool is that. Now the world is truly borderless. :p

  4. i cant wait to visit Manila!! :) I am still waiting for my chance.. i hope it wont take long!

  5. Wah.....I'm so tempted to visit the Philippines one day in the future. Thanks for sharing this, QuaChee!^^


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