Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Manila Souvenir, Military Dog Tag & Being Shirtless

So my Penang souvenir was the 1 week old tattoo.. but in Manila, I got something more concrete & longer lasting...

military dog tag
While passing by this booth, the items displayed got my attention.. and I was curious to know what it was.

Ah, so it is the military dog tag!

It looked rather interesting.. and since I haven't seen this before in Malaysia, I decided to get myself 1 of this.. yeah, a lil souvenir from Manila!

customise dog tag

I got it customised.. Yup, this is my 'syiok sendiri' tagline which took me a while to get the words. But anyway, it's my own dog tag and I can write whatever I want lah haha!

military dog tag manila
Soon enough, I was wearing my souvenir over! Ok, this doesn't seem like the photo huh.. (yeah, I need to be shirtless).

military dog tag manila
Yeah, so I took one more photo at a later part of the day.. of me & the dog tag (and my Batman case of course) haha! Now, it feels more like in the photo lah! Ehem... :)

Btw, check this video out on how I got my military dog tag!

*I found out that.. military dog tags were used to recognise soldiers during the war. It's supposed to be worn in a pair so that one can be untagged while the other remains on the dead soldier for identification.

*Talking bout being shirtless.. well this is my first photo I upload online! U can say I'm inspired by Manila in some ways.. more of that to come!


  1. I would love to have this kind of tag too. :p

  2. never fails to make me blush and turn as red as a tomato whenever I see your shirtless photo! But I believe I'll be immune to it soon. Ahaha!! :P

  3. now i know why you were topless lol


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