Friday, April 29, 2011

Pepper & Salt: The Real Apple

I must admit, it's been a lil harder than I think it is to create this series. Have a few sets of photos of the Pepper & Salt with me for a while now, but am thinking hard to get the story out.

Anyway, thought I did.. and here's one more installment of the Pepper & Salt series! :)

*For the full installment of the series go to: Pepper & Salt.


  1. Ouh....why didn't you just eat the apple? If roll over then? :p

  2. OMG, it's so funny!!! Hahaha!!! *Rolls and falls off the chair* Ouch....opps....hehe!! xP

  3. WOw... they look real and very funny! You have a very thought script ;) This apple story making my day look great! Oh ya, i will not be updating my old blog at Ben's Slice of Life... check-out my new photoblog at Cheers!


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