Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Char Kuay Teow-ed & More!

While I sure had one different Penang trip my last time up, however, this time round, I kinda balanced it off.. doing the more common touristy stuffs. Well, not by visiting the tourist sites much.. but err.. eating!

These are the highlights.

perut ikan nyonya food
Upon arriving to Penang, dad wanted to eat the Penang Nyonya food. So we went to this restaurant called Mama's (at Abu Siti Lane). We first had this - the Perut Ikan (ie fish stomach).

Yeah, not many people out of Penang would know how to eat this, but well, I've got Penang blood lah! :)

nyonya fried fish
While we ordered a fair bit, one of the yummiest dish on the table would be this fish, where the sambal is cooked underneath the flesh. Chili lovers, you'll so love this!

jimmy choo
I must say the food at this restaurant is quite nice (not all the dishes, but most). And it's so good that many famous people actually dine here! I should be in their list someday Hahaha!

batu feringghi night market
After dinner, we went to the Batu Feringghi night market. I know I was here just last week, but well, I had wanted to check somethings out. Btw, see these tees.. Cool or not? Hehe And look at the fake tattoo on the left too!

batu feringghi nite market
Oh btw, I bumped into this there.. nicely written and quirky!

After the beach, I headed to the bar at Upper Penang Road (the one near E&O hotel). Yeah, similar place to the Monkey bar I've been but this time round we went into another bar, though we didn't stay here long.

dim sum penang
What a perfect row! :)
Now, after some drinking - we headed for supper. I had so wanted to eat the char kuay teow, but it was too late! 

We ate some other food at this hawker's centre though - which was just so-so.

penang char kuay teow
Me, and the char kuay teow... finally!

The next morning, I was all ready for that char kuay teow.
My local Penang friend brought us to this hawker's centre at Lorong Kucing.. and yes, they have the char kuay teow!

penang char kuay teow
Tadaa.. the char kuay teow!!!
Btw, the pic really looks better than the taste... but oh well, I was satisfied because I finally ate it - here, in Penang! (though seriously, Pea Jay has better ones ehem ehem).

They sure aren't lying!
While the char kuay teow was just okay (for Penang's standards),
but this apom was the bomb!

The mixture of this apom was just good. Soft, not too sweet, and super yummy!

After breakfast, was time for prayers to the ancestors (I did come up this time for Cheng Beng). And then lunch, and about time to leave.

queensbay mall
Otw to the Queensbay Mall. What a view..

But before I left, I had one more last stop - the Queensbay Mall. I came here a few years back when it just opened, and was pretty impressed by it. And just wanted to come back.

Didn't had much time to shop or jalan jalan, but well I did get to experience the mall, though a bit. Anyway, time was short, and I only had time to have lunch there.. Had this quite decent meal of cheesy prawns rice & a cup of chrysanthemum tea at the Taiwan Bull Restaurant.

coming home, pj

And before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to Penang once more..  and knowing that trip 3 of 4 is done. Final destination... Bangkok! Kap!!! :)


  1. Lorong Kuching? Never heard. Why not Lorong Selamat one?

    And the best apom would be the two brothers, their stalls almost side by side by the road side - they quarreled and the other one set up a stall a few metres away selling the same thing - Jalan Burmah or some place there, I think.

    But I heard about the nyonya restuarant you went to. We went to another one - Perut Rumah...but let's just say that we were so very disappointed.

  2. What is Apom? I have never heard of that in Singapore.

  3. DC-->Apom is kuih. Very sedap o. :D

  4. Wah.....I so wanna go to Penang and try everything that you tried and recommend!^^


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