Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Day I Met Bruce Lee & Neo (The Matrix)

Yes, believe me. I met these 2 superheroes. Live.

Here's proof!

Okay, yeah, they are not the real Bruce Lee nor Neo. Haha. Instead, this performance is part of Asus Malaysia press launch which I attended recently.

asus press event
Love the location where the event is held.. beautiful KLCC view! (from G Hotel, KL)

asus press event performance
There were a few performances - solo & in group, each representing & introducing the new laptops each.

The performances has been pretty much engaging and vibrant, which kind of represents the new laptop models.

asus malaysia dance performance

asus notebook dancers

asus new notebook
Models carrying the 4 of Asus new notebooks - the A, N, G & U Series.

While to me, a notebook is a notebook, and I'd rather go with a once size fits all - especially for a not so heavy user, but still, I was curious to check out the 4 different models offered.

asus light notebook
Model showing off how slim & light the laptop can be.
asus notebook
I don't know if colour is a big factor to choosing a notebook for you, but well, Asus provides that choice, with their cool coloured aluminium series. 
asus notebook
And if I do get one, I'll defnitely go with this gold offered!

asus notebook g series
The notebook that captured my attention most is the G series... that comes with 3D glasses!

Now, here's a quick brief of the 4 different series, each for a different user and their needs (btw, I'll make this as less foreign sounding, minus-ing the heavy jargons):

The A43: Stay Cool with Metalic Chic
Affordable laptop and is the world's first colourful aluminium laptops. It comes with a double sided motherboard that include IceCool techonology, lowering the temperature of the laptop (usually around 28-33 degrees).

The N53: Hear the Power Feel The Power
For those who is particular on sound quality. It comes with large top mounted speakers amplified by ASUS SonicMaster Technology delivering loud crystal clear sound, and life-like sound quality.

The G53SW: Strike In Silence
Built for the gamers, and for those who wanna watch 3D animation! Comes with a massive 1.5BG DG GDDR5 video memory for high resolution & vivid display, and  DirectX11 which is for faster graphics rendering.

The U36: Stunningly Light, Powerfully Beautiful
For those who want a light laptop with a powerful battery. This laptop claims to have 10+ hours battery life and is the world's slimmest 19mm Design with MG-AL alloy cover case.. yet only weighing 1.66kg!

Well after reading this, hopefully you'll consider your needs before buying your next laptop/ notebook. And of course, consider checking out Asus - cos after all, they are the top 3 consuder notebook vendor in the world, and have the bestselling & most award winning motherboards! :)


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