Monday, April 18, 2011

Sawadeekap! And The End Of The 2 Weeks Travel Extravaganza!

siam paragon
Sawadeekap! Well, literally. Cos as I write this, I just got back (not too long ago) from the City of Angels - Bangkok!

Bangkok was my final destination in my 2 weeks travel extravaganza. The end of that holiday means the end of the super travels too!

Btw, I'm happy to have shared some of my travels like being a different tourist in Penang, to having fun in Manila & be Pinoy-fied, and then going back again to Penang for the char kuay teow.. However, these are only part of what I've did.. and yes, there's still much more to share..!

Off my mind, I know there's the 1st tattoo I had in Penang, the cool tees and malls in Manila, or even how Manila taught me to be more open (minded) - oh yeah, this will be a good read!..  And of course, the cool, fun & uncensored stuffs (ehem) I did in Bangkok, including visiting a lovely cafe in Silom!

That's really a load-full to write, but stay tuned... cos they are gonna be pretty fun reads (well I hope!) :)


  1. fuyoh! enjoyed full blast for the last 2 week it seems! :D

  2. So you have already tattooed yourself? At where? Which part? Let us see. Ha :D


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