Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: Erika Toh & Being A Teacher

Last week I mentioned about the guest writer series that I'd like to do on this blog: What's Your (INspiring) Story.

And today, I'd like to share with you the first guest writer and her (INspring) story.

Presenting to you.. Erika Toh, a teacher based in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.. someone whom I've known from the online world - blogging & twitter.

This, is her story..

erika toh
Erika and her 1st teddy bear bouquet from her students.
“I look at you from top down and there’s nothing on you that tells us that you’re a teacher” –A close cousin of mine-

Yes, I’m a teacher although an educator sounds more prestigious and commonly used nowadays. I know I don’t look like one and perhaps I’ll never be but trust me, I’m a secondary school English teacher – a one of a kind and I’m proud of it!

erika toh desk
Erika's desk.
In the beginning, I didn’t find being a teacher as inspiring nor was it my first choice of career. Venturing into the teaching profession was supposed to serve as my back-up plan if my main plan fails. 
However, I fell in love with the teaching profession in just 3 short months during my practical training and have been a teacher since.

erika, april
Erika & her colleague, April.
Being a teacher may not seem glamorous, but it is rewarding & inspiring, and this is why..

erika teacher's day presents
Erika Toh's Teacher's Day presents.

First of all, I work an average of 8 hours a day with the ability to go home once the school’s dismissed unless if there are meetings or extra co-curricular activities held in the evenings and sometimes, on Saturdays. Then again, after comparing to some other careers’ working hours, being a teacher just seems a better option – more so if you wish to spend more time with your family even though you’re busy making a living.
erika toh, students
Erika, and the outing with her students.

Secondly, another reason as to why I became a teacher is that teachers have a lot of holidays. I get to go on school trips and participate in exciting activities which are often free of charge or discounted, receive better treatment than an average person and the list goes on and on… Plus, I get to relive my childhood and schooling memories such as camping, jungle-trekking, etc.

erika toh with students, mcd
More student & teacher bonding.

Next, in my hands, I hold the ability to influence and and inspire a whole generation. I can motivate and inspire students to dream and achieve their dreams. Future doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen are made under the watchful eyes and guidance of a person called a teacher and without a teacher, none of it could happen. Indeed, with so much power comes great responsibility :P

erika toh, class
Teacher Erika & her students in the classroom (I couldn't have guessed that there is a teacher here hehe) :)

Being a teacher gives me the chance to make connections and have a wide circle of influences and friends from various different backgrounds and expertise; education, medicine, engineering, law, police force and even politics if I wish to - you get the idea, aye? ;)

erika toh colleague
Erika & her colleagues.
Last but not least, watching my students a.k.a children grow up, realizing their potentials, achieving their dreams and inspiring others to do so too is just euphoric and intoxicating!
It is a feeling that you just have to experience to believe it. It’s great to inspire people in many possible ways; big or small.

And while I’m enriching my students’ lives, I’m in fact enriching my life too – making me a much better and rounder person as I go along the way. In fact, it's the students themselves who inspires me to be a teacher to inspire others.

erika toh students
Erika & her 4A class students.

Being with my students gives me immense pleasure and bliss. And I hope you enjoyed reading through my story and in some way or another inspired by it.

There you have it, my inspiring story of my life as a teacher. I love my career! XoXo~

*The 'What's Your (INspiring) Story? is a 12 weeks series where people from all walks of life are to come together and share anything that inspires them. If you have an INspiring story that you'd like to share & be featured on this blog, simply email me! :)


  1. wow keep it up erika!! you know what i still remember my kindergarten and primary school's teachers... you gotta be one of them ok?

    remember to keep a distance (>10m) with your students ya lol

  2. Aww.....thanks, fufu!! You're so sweet!^^ ♥

    Wow, I must keep a distance of more than 10 metres from my students? But why, fufu? Haha!! xP

    I'm glad you love my story. :D

  3. inspiring. Cikgu ajar saya boleh tak? :p

  4. Haha....are you sure you want me to teach you, Chris? I think the other way round is more like it!! Hehe!! ;)

    Thanks for the undying support and encouragement!! I'm grateful for having such awesome friends like you and the rest. ^^

  5. Erika dear, as I had said earlier on twitter, a teacher is nothing short of glamorous. Without all my teachers, I wouldnt be able to be who I am today too. So keep up your passion :)


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