Friday, April 08, 2011

Greetings From.. Manila!

Mabuhay! Yay! U can sense that I'm in one happy mood! Well cos I'm in one of my favorite holiday destinations- the Philippines... And Manila! Woots!

Yesterday, the first day and night was a lil low key affair as I was a lil tired from the plane then bus ride..

But today was pretty much full swing! I did what I came here for - visiting the major TV stations here!

And in between - Ive been enjoying myself. Had really good pork all the way. Yup pork, pork and more pork! Haha. The varieties of pork they have here is just awesome!

I also watched a Filipino movie, and did some shopping of original Batman tees (they are really cheap here!!!).

I've got a few more days here in Manila! Friends to meet, and maybe even go out of the city.. Let's see! :)


  1. Wah....I also love pork meat!!! *Drooling* bought more t-shirts arr? Where you wanna keep them arr? I thought your cupboard is running out of place to keep it? Haha!!

    P/S: Later your mum complain again then you know! Haha!!:P

  2. You mean they serve excellent pork dishes over there? Gosh you must show us. :p


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