Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Malaysia, We Are Quite Open Minded Too!

Going overseas has been eye popping..

Remember the cock shaped hot dogs from Taiwan?

Or the car sticker from Indonesia?

Yeah, I'm sure we go like - "Wow, overseas are so open minded heh". And maybe "Yeah, we will never see such of these here..".

Well, that's what I thought too.. until.. bumping into some stuff I found in (conservative) Malaysia! Haha! (close your eyes, for you Holy people!)

First, a car sticker..

Ok, sure - it's only a Quickie... like 8TV Quickie rite? So whats so open bout it rite? Haha!

Well, now, here another car sticker... I saw (and no this is not at an adult shop but a normal gift shop).

So, Jakarta, Kay El is just as Open Minded, you know!

But now, can we ever top the oh-so-open Taiwan and their hot dogs?

Well... check these make to order cakes, and you be the judge!
(Holy people, really, it's time to close your eyes..!).

There you go.. 2 visually good cakes which you can just order and have a good time! (pun intended!)

Now, who says Kay El is conservative again? :)

*The cakes are from Passionate Cakes &amp Big Boys Oven. And yes, you can order these cakes or any other 'naughtier' types you like for your special event! 

*Btw talk about being open minded or conservative (whichever way you'd put it).. have you seen Celcom's advertisements in the press lately?


  1. Hahaha :D You haven't seen...the BEST yet. :p

  2. err okie. lol i understand all but the last pic is wat???

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  3. @tekkaus
    there's more? oooo... what? what? hehe

    hey when u want them? hehe

    u dunno? haha... well its a cake... and more!

  4. Wah....wah....wah....I can't believe my eyes!!! :-O

    QuaChee....QuaChee....ahaha!!! ROTFL!!! xP

    P/S: Hmm...I wonder that Tekkaus meant by the best?! Hehe! :P

  5. Wow! Inspiring blog indeed! Hahaha!!


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