Thursday, March 31, 2011

KLCC Shots!

Recently I've been in downtown Kay El a fair bit.. and been seeing our magnificent twin towers from many different angles. Thought I'd just share them here :)

This shot was taken from G Tower when I attended the Asus new model press launch. Btw, I like this because the sun was out, and the skies was blue. And the fact that it's my first time in this tower.. where the views are really cool!

More KLCC & Kay El skyline. On this day, I am proud to say, I learnt the DUKE highway. It sure makes journey from Pea Jay to Setiawangsa area quite a breeze. Smooth ride, nice wide views, and most importantly no traffic!

Btw I think an appropriate caption to this photo is: "the journey, is ours to make". That's what came to my mind when I took this photo anyway - which I believe has been something on my mind of late :)

This night view of KLCC from one of my favourite lounge hangout.. Kay El's best bar, the Sky Bar. Get the Guinness (1 for 1 if ur early) and get those super yummy cheesy nachos.. then just sit back, and watch the towers in full glitter.

The KLCC is disappearing! Haha! But well, this is not magic... This was taken during a cloudy afternoon when the clouds were heavy and made the tips of the tower just vanish for a bit. It's my first shot of such of the twin towers, though I've taken uncountable number of shots from this very same angle from the KLCC park.

Well, there it is.. our tallest towers in different angles. These will definitely not be the last shots of the twin towers from me.. as each time I'm there, I'll most likely to take some more. But let's see whats in store next! )


  1. Very nice shots, especially from the DUKE. It's hard to stop taking pics of these fabulous towers!

  2. Wow, I especially love the last photo!^^ It looks so magnificent and mysterious at the same time. What an alluring attraction! :D

  3. Nice shots of the twin peaks!!! ooops.. I mean Twin Towers! :D

  4. The last picture....very bad omen....KLCC....

    Haha :D I have never been able to take such a photo. I guess you were there at the right time.


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