Thursday, March 03, 2011

I Was In Jakarta!

Just about 2 months back, I was in the capital city of Indonesia. Went there to just celebrate the year end holidays and count down to the New Year.

Well, here are some of the things that I remember very well for that trip.

Firstly, like I've mentioned before during my previous trips,
their malls are huge! And very lifestyle centered.
And yes, I did go mall-ing again.. to the same malls that I visited last time (read: Grand Indonesia & Pacific Place).

While I'd say the region's malls are quite comparable, but so far the cinema here is the best! I've enjoyed the lazy boy chair in the Manila's (and if not wrong, Singapore's) cinema before, but not in Kay El.

However, Jakarta takes one notch up from Manila's (or at least the one I tried in Eastwood). The luxury cinema here has that lazy chair, and while food & drinks don't come free with the tickets, but blankets do.
It's so comfortable, that one can really fall asleep in the movies (but not if the movie is exciting enough that is - which btw the movie I watched was Tourist.. so no sleeping there!).

The one difference I notice apart from the cinema is the boldness of their fashion. Now maybe I hardly shop in Kay El, so forgive me if I'm mistaken.

But I notice that some of their tees can be quite bold & 'matured'... which are nice to me, of course!

Btw I got myself this tee, which I thought kinda describe me well! Haha!!!

And I got this Batman tee too! I thought that this being original was rather reasonable - bout RM60 or so.

And when it comes to patriotism, Indonesia (or Jakarta) really rank high there just like most nations in the region (except say Malaysia and Singapore?).

They got their patriotism even printed on tees! (and proud of it!)

Creativity in Jakarta despite we think it being more restrained (with news of like Peterpan going to jail) do seem otherwise! Would such a tshirt shop ever be open here in Malaysia (*cough cough, Singapore), let alone in a high end mall?

This was taken at one of the tshirt shops. Interesting aye? :)

I even got myself a car sticker of such! Cannot believe right? Now, I think I'll be the only car in Malaysia to have this sticker! Haha!!!

And when it came to food, we ate like a tourist.. ie pretty much! Especially when we are hosted by our local friends!

Now, the food was another eye opener too. Firstly, the nasi padang is done somewhat differently. The waiters will lay all the dishes on your table, and you can eat the dishes you like (you don't need to eat all). Just see the above!

While the nasi padang maybe tasty but it don't come cheap. I remember the meal above was close to about 455000 Rupiah (ie RM150!) for 4 persons! Even as 'greedy' as we were, that was a lil high for a nasi padang restaurant, to me.

Btw guess what dish is the above? Cow's brain!
Did I try it? You know the answer I guess. If I've tried the balut (duck's embryo) in Manila, what is cow's brain right? However, it was just a spoonful I had. Wasn't bad, but just too new a dish for me.

I also had the ayam goreng. Apparently there are a few good outlets & restaurants around, and we went into one of the more famous ones - RM Ayam Goreng. And as it goes, it was "Enak Sekali!" (Delicious!).

The one thing that one cannot miss when dining in an Indonesian restaurant is non other than the oh-so-thick avocado juice! And I'm glad to have one there (surprisingly as much as I ate there, it was only once I tried the avocado juice there).

The reason is most likely cos the other times I was trying out other drinks. The other favourite one btw is this es cendol tape.

On a more fusion food was at Waraku. However this restaurant's menu in Jakarta differs from the one I know in Singapore. And we just had to try the so called dessert above! What a fruit & bread feast!

Btw apart from the malls, tees & food, I also managed to take some shots when our local friends stop us by their rather famous river. However, the stench was a lil strong.

Also visited some clubs (hey, it was New Year's countdown after all! - but sorry no photos lah ehem ehem).

And then, the 3 day 2 nights trip came to an end, and it was about time to bid goodbye.But not till we did our final rest.. at this quite comfy open air cafe at the airport!

And with a cup of tea (no a teapot actually!).

With the drink done, and some interesting memories.. finally, we were off on the plane heading back (and to the start to the New Year of 2011!).


  1. Woot...woot...woot! Your post is finally up!^^ Love it max! Jakarta seems to be a nice place to visit. I'm so gonna visit it someday and experience it! Wee! xD


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