Saturday, March 12, 2011

Malacca Satay: Xiang Ji

Do u like pork satay? Well, if you do, then you might have heard of Malacca's pork satay.

There used to be one very popular one many years back at Jonker's Street (opposite Geographer Cafe). But that has disappeared for a while, then reappeared back at Jonker's a good few years later.. and then moved to another location since (it's now at Kota Laksamana).

But this review is not about that satay shop. It's on the other satay that is equally good, and also quite known amongst the locals.

The shop is not far off from Jonker's. From the outside, it looks like your normal eatery.
Not really that crowded.. but don't let that fool you.

Ordering is easy. Just sit down. Order your drinks, and they will come to serve you with the satay. You don't need to tell how many sticks you'd want.. they'll figure that out.

What they will do is they will serve you as many satays, and they will top up for you too. However, you don't have to finish it... but eat what you want & can.

Unlike the counterparts like the juicy beef satays, the pork satay portion is smaller and the meat is in between crispy and fully tender. I'd prefer it to be bigger and juicier, but so far, all the pork satays I've tried tend to be so.

To me, the pork meat satay is just alrite. However, I do like the pork intestine satay here!
And of course, the peanut sauce too! The cucumber, onions & ketupat served as a side do also make this complete.

Recently they also serve otak otak though I'm not a big otak otak fan.

My overall verdict.. well, go try this satay out if you are visiting Melaka, and am a fan of pork or pork satay. 
It's worth trying out once, at least. And if like me, you might come back for the pork intestine satay! :)

*The shop opens in the day (good for lunch). 

50 Jalan Portugis (opposite SJK C Pay Teck, and towards the end of Temple Street)
Kampung Tiga, 

*I don't think that this is the original Jonker's Satay. It should be the other one that is. Comparing the 2, this one seems not too dry, neither too much fats in it.


  1. How come I didn't notice this place d? The satay certainly looks good to me. :D

  2. long time no eat satay edy.. haha.. but malacca reminds me of satay celup! :)

  3. long time no eat satay edy.. haha.. but malacca reminds me of satay celup :D

  4. So it's actually Satay buffet is it?

  5. @tekkaus
    where do u usually eat then? :)

    yes d satay celup is usually more popular :)

    in some way...yes! haha

  6. Oh no, I didn't even know pork satay existed in Malacca until I read your post / blog! Hmph....what a frog under a coconut shell I am! =.="

    Well, from today onwards this lil frog ain't gonna miss the delicious pork satay anymore!

    Oh yeah.....tender and succulent pork satay, here I come! Muawhahaha! *Drooling* xP

    Thanks for sharing this, QuaChee! I love it! Wee!!!^^

  7. a great find. satay at this this place looks great!


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