Friday, March 11, 2011

More Pepper & Salt. And Fishee Too!

Last week, I took some random shots of the Thailand made pepper & salt dolls... And just yesterday, I took a few more. It was totally random.

Just couldn't help taking the cute dolls. And this time with that lil fish in the vase.

After downloading the photos & seeing them, I thought I'd create a comic/ story out of it. Yeah, cracked my head a lil and played around with the photos.. well, here goes.. (popcorn pls. hehe).

There you go.. a very simple story.. though it sure took some time to do this. But I truly enjoyed doing it!!

Anyway, hope u guys enjoyed this '2nd installment' of the Pepper & Salt (and Fishee too!) Haha!!!

Will I create more? Hmm, I wonder.. :)

*My first post on these Pepper & Salt were: Randomly Cute!


  1. Wow...they are so cute. Haha :D Since when you are so into this kind of post. :p

  2. hahaha!! so cute la!! romantic summore!! haha :D

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  3. Aiyo....this post makes me tingle inside out! It's so sweet and mushy lar...ahaha!!! :P

    You're so in love, QuaChee! Woohoo.........!!!^^

  4. I love this version of QC! There is this super cute side of QC that is hidden beneath those tight like rubber glove tee! :P


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