Thursday, March 24, 2011

My First St Patricks Day Celebrations

Twitter friend, Hoongchai first send an invitation for drinking last Sunday. Well, that's what I thought when he sent me a DM.

Being a lil free (told u that I've been a lil free the past weeks), and it being a Sunday, I agreed. After all, I've once turned down his offer to attend one of his gatherings before, so this is like time to make up for that. Plus, it would be nice to meet up with him, and know more friends.

The clowns... were everywhere.
Far did I know that the invitation was to be with him & his friends, for St Patricks Day! I really thought its just a gathering, drinking quietly at the pub.. but oh, how wrong I was! So guess the (pleasant) surprise I had when I went to the event! (this was at Sid's Pub Bukit Tunku).

Anyway, here are some fun I had that Sunday afternoon on my very 'virgin' St Patricks Day Celebrations.

Hoongchai's friend playing the plate on the stick game. You can sense the excitement around, where everyone is really enjoying themselves and having fun.

Me... well, I was into the food. Hehe. Oh while Guiness at RM5 were great, I must say, I enjoyed the food here too!
Me & buddy who invited me, Hoong Chai

I heard some familiar voice, and then saw a familiar face. Do u recognise this guy? Well, I remember him from the sitcom Kopitiam, though I was told he now is a newscaster with ESPN?
And finally, with the Guinness Girls!

Now, that is one Sunday afternoon well spent! And definitely an event I'd look forward to next year! :)


  1. Wow...walking statue? Now that is interesting. Looks like he is very green o. :D

  2. I would love to the guiness infused chicken. :p

  3. Ceh, I knew about the event but I can't go as always. Ish....I'm really missing a lot of things being stuck in Johor!!! :(


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