Monday, March 14, 2011

I Did A Birthday Surprise!

How do u make a birthday special?
That was the question that was on my mind last week.

Dinner? Hmm, thats quite common, no?

Presents? Ahh, cliche.

Movies, karaoke.. we can do that any day.

So what else? Googled a bit. But nothing much came about. Most of the suggestions were nothing special and.. boring...!

But not wanting to give up and to want to make this birthday special, I continued the Google search.. and I got this balloon idea..! Eureka!

So this is what I did. I first called up a company selling helium balloons. Did my minimum balloon order of 40. 

I'm lucky cos despite the lil last minute morning call but by afternoon the balloons arrived. Seriously, I didn't believed it was 40... how could it be, when I could carry all 40 of it in one hand? But yes, it was 40 alrite.

Next get into the house.. and let the balloons fly free! That was easy of course haha! Now it feels more like a Birthday party!

To make this more memorable, I then wrote dedication notes.. and clipping them to the balloons.

Soon, the room was filled with caring & loving dediction notes flying all around.. ready for the recipient to read them, one by one!

Well, call that a Birthday Surprise or what?! :)

The outcome btw, has been awesome.

Having a room with balloons is one, but reading many notes of gratitude on your birthday, and knowing that you count in others lives is another! :)

Touched and appreciated are the keywords.. and definitely a moment to remember! And I'm proud to be the guy behind it hehe! (now, I wonder what birthday surprise I'll do next year and the years after... oh well, I'll think of something I'm sure!).

*Why don't try this out for your loved one/ friend/ family and let me know the outcome? :)


  1. Awww....that's so special and sweet! I wish to have such a memorable birthday party too.

    Hehe....hopefully my future boyfriend or hubby reads your blog religiously! Ahaha! :P

  2. Eh QuaChee, where's the beautiful bouquet of red and white roses that you gave her on that day? You didn't include the photo of it in your post wor... :(

  3. Wow...good idea bro. I wanna stuff my room with 400 balloons next time. Haha :D

  4. fuyohh!! this is really sweet la! neevr thought QC can be so sweeeeeet!! love love love! :p

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  5. balloons with notes are so sweet. what a fun birthday!


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