Wednesday, March 09, 2011

From Gloom To Smile

Over the years, I've experience my fair share of lows, setbacks, and 'storms in the teacups'.. and recently, I encounter this again...

storm in teacup

While, I've learned to let go, and not get so emotional of things anymore but then again, such incidents still makes me sad someway or rather.

lil sad batmanIf such incidents happened years back, I'm sure I will react worse, but even as I'm way more composed & matured now, the heart feels a lil pain..

And I couldn't help but just play some songs.. one of them is this:
Superman Cannot Fly.

I relate a lot to it in many ways.. though I'm no Superman nor Mr Jay..

那就让我在空中停一停 歇再次俯瞰这个世界
Then let me stop for a while in the air, have a break and to take a look at this world again

It will make me feel better

Saving the Earth is so tiring

Although I’m tired, but I’ll keep going

Don’t ask me if I’ve cried

Because Superman cannot cry

Played this song for a bit, and yeah, the heart felt sad.. But that's not how I wanted to feel.

Coincidently, a friend shared this on Facebook.. and somehow I thought it was timely. I've never really paid much attention to this song by Miley Cyrus before, but this time I did..

As you can listen, life's really bout moving on cos there will always be ups & down, right? :) My mood changed a lil after listening to this song & its lyrics.

And how one thing leads to another, I stumbled on one of Uncle Kracker's song. I've never heard this song of his before.. but the title caught my attention, and so does the lyrics. Pretty awesome, I'd say.. and this sure lifted my mood!

Listen to the lyrics like:
"If you don’t like me, brother, that’s okay
I ain’t gonna let it wreck my day
I keep stylin’, smilin’, handin’ out the sunshine"

Now, how not to smile when I listen to such words...!

So from a lil gloomy nite, I managed to turned it around.. While I'd say the problem still needs to be solved, but at least, on my side, I can say let's solve it in a neutral if not happy mood.

After all, in every situation, we can always choose to either dwell into our problems & be all negative about it..
or we can find solutions, and work on them - in a good mood way! And that's what I'm doing!

happy batman
So go away gloom & blues, and welcome smiles & sunshine! :)

*2 other songs that I also played to lift the mood is: Katy Perry's Fireworks and N Sync Bye Bye Bye! (and no, its not a personal relationship problem) :)


  1. It's a good thing to have something to fall back on, and in your case, certain songs lift your mood, and you know which ones do :D

    We all have our fair share of ups and downs, so take your time to get over the downs and enjoy the times when you're feeling great :D

  2. I can only say that all of us have to stand up and face whatever that have knocked us down. :)

  3. all the songs very inspiring indeed. love them all. :)

    ups n downs in life is a must, although i hate it. but that's life.

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  4. I agree with Tekkaus.. :D Whatever ups and downs that we've been through in the past, just remember that you're still standing here.

    Music always makes me feel better on my "down days" too.. and prayers do too, of course. LOL! :D

    Just remember there's always a choice no matter what. Negativity never did anyone any good anyways. :) Hope you're feeling better and your upcoming weekend turns out great! :D

  5. Ahhh....the photos of little batman is so cute!!! ♥

    Tekkaus is right! We have to stand up and face whatever that have knocked us down - with a smile and positivity! Hehe! ;D

    I say, the best feeling would be the feeling of getting right back up after a defeat and triumph against all odds.

    Remember this, the kite will never ever soar and fly so high up in the heavens if not for the wind that's going against it. ;) Cheers, QuaChee!

    Wishing you all the best in your new life / path where success is waiting for you to greet it~ ;)

    Psst....happy holiday too! Enjoy your new found freedom to the max while you still can! You deserve it!^^


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