Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How To Look Rich

Based on the following advert, there must be a certain look to being rich. The advert mentions that we should practice looking rich now in case we can win the cash prize money (and be rich and wealthy). Amongst them, the angle of the face must be 38.7 degrees up!

rich face, look rich
The Look Rich Advert promoting Heads Up!

There is also an advert (by the same company) playing on the radio saying that to look rich, one is to smile less or was it don't smile (look grumpy?), and a few other things.

Of course, if based on one of my experience with a bit richer than normal businessman not too long back, Keeping It Cool, there must be some truth on how rich people look and behave.

Ok, but today is only on the rich look only.

I've always pondered why some businessmen or top management people have that certain unhappiness. Have you ever taken notice of their photographs in the pictures that appear in the media? Or even at times when they speak on TV interviews? Pictures tell a million things and it is usually through the pictures that we can see them - their emotions.

Of course, we may bump them at certain lush places. But if ever we do, they are so surrounded by guards and other 'important people' and can't see their emotions.

Anyway, I realise that seeing their pictures, there is something missing in these big tycoons. The lower/middle class may sometimes wonder
"Why/ How come? Got everything already but still unhappy?"

Then, not long after I saw the advert, I read somewhere about the rich. To sum up, it says that the more rich one gets, the more insecure he becomes, as there is no knowing when is good enough to stop. That is why they continue to go into bigger deals (most of the times into more unknowns, diverting from their main business). And these deals are big investments and risks as well. Hence, the insecurity.

I believe in that, though I feel a lil sad that these rich people are actually like the rest of the world in insecurity. In fact, minus insecurity, some not rich people have more joyous looks.

The rich may not be like the middle class who are insecure of their jobs or their rents, loans, children's education, but they are insecure in other matters.

Looking back at the pictures, I guess the point I want to make is that these kind of looks just don't make everyone wanting to reach that high status.

Now, turning the other way around, have you seen a happy rich person? I don't mean a happy moment where the smile is for that moment only, but more so, a person who looks rich, is rich in wealth and most of all is rich in happiness?

I've seen a few though it is quite outnumbered. But, these glitter in their smiling eyes just make you feel to aim to achieve their level. In fact, if ever you can come across them, I'm sure they will make you feel good and comfortable too, without much/ any arrogance, rudeness, or insecurity in them.

So, really, is there a look to being rich and wealthy? Guess you know the answer by now... Yes, one that is a smiling one and a contentment in life :)

*Just forget the head level, and focus on the road ahead :)


  1. haha u r funny with you how to look rich post. 38.7 degrees. haha.

    Anyway thks for leaving comments on my post, and I hv replied to u, feel free to visit n see the reply...

    Good nite

  2. I've got this lingering suspicion that people of means will never be really happy.

    It's an irony isn't it? I mean, the main reason why some got rich is due to the fact that they're unsatisfied with status quo and want more. Regardless of how much they have, they just want... yep, more.

    So it's really a mentality, isn't it? :)

  3. Let's see how rich we want to be? No! Not in terms of material. But in terms of happiness. The richer (happier) we are then the better right? Hmm...and it do feels that the richer you are materially, the more deprieved you'll be in the sense of happiness. It seems to make sense. But in the end, balance is the key!

  4. money is not everything, but without money can do nothing. So it is complicated. In my opinion, no need to be so rich, as long as enough to support the daily expense & basic needs / demands, is more than enough.

  5. Oooo... this is interesting!
    I might just post something in relation to this

  6. marc
    when i saw the advert and again heard it on radio, i just thought this was a good topic - must share! :)

    ya agree with you. sometimes we see the rural folks smiling - they are financially poorer, may not know computing, but they seem happy dont they? its really knowing how to be contented :)

    yes, balance is the key! :)

    lol u r right here - its a chicken and egg thing. i guess its just about living life in bliss :)

    thanks you are inspired by this post :)


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