Thursday, October 11, 2012

KL Petaling Street Wan Tan Mee

It's not Koon Kee wan tan mee but this stall in Petaling Street still serves some really good wan tan noodles.

In fact, I didn't even know bout Koon Kee wan tan mee till now - and I've yet to try it.

Anyway, back to this wan tan mee stall, it's located very near Petaling Street. It's in one of those lorongs (alleys) in that busting Chinatown area.

Now what's cool bout here? It's like going back to old KL. Well some parts of KL still is but unlike the now 'modernized' Petaling Street, this stall at this alley simply brings back to the 1960s (or so).

There are 2 ways to the alley, this is the one diagonally opposite Petaling Street. 

The other end of the alley, near the open air carparks. The walk through here is more nostalgic, though longer.
Especially so if you walk from the other end near the open car park!

The aunty & uncle of the wan tan mee stall is ok, not like what I read from the Koon Kee shop :)

Ok - how bout the food.. the wan tan mee? Well, it's nice. Yes, nice. That's it.

It doesn't have super thick char siew or the "lighter coloured" noodles (that Zim more used to) but still on the whole, it still kicks a punch.

And yes, the noodles are soft and not rubbery (as with most better wan tan noodles).

If you are in the area, and want some nostalgic moments - and good noodles, well, look no further :)


  1. hehehe i used to eat thr when my dad brings me to kl when i was a kid =) not the ebst wan tan mee. but nostalgic =p nice photos btw!

  2. I grew up eating at this stall. The uncle and aunty watched me grow up. 20 years of eating here.

    Last weekend, I went and I have not visited for 6 months. There are new people there and I was told the couple has retired. :(


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