Monday, October 22, 2012

I've Scholl!!

Ever heard of bioprint shoes? Or memory cushion or arch support shoes?

If you haven't, well fret not. I just heard bout them recently too. Probably one reason for being such a late learner is because we have never been taught bout how to take care of our feet..

Me, fellow bloggers and friends trying out Scholl. 

But well, all that changed for me last weekend. For in that short 1 hour, I learn bout that - and a lil bit more.

The more being - that many of us have 'problematic' feet like the flat feet which I face.

Well I knew I have flat feet but never knew that it was a problem. And the fact is - it is. By not addressing the issue, this can apparently lead to lower back pain in the long term.

The biomechanics slippers/ sandals. 

But there's a solution - which I found out. Apparently, Scholl has their shoes designed for different problems.. and the 2 recommended technologies for flat feet are the biomechanics & the arch support shoes.

Minus the heavy terms.. simply put, the biomechanics shoes realigns the posture of the feet while the arch support supports the arch of the foot. This is done by having a gel support towards the back of the shoe.

Simple huh. Well for a 100 odd year old company - it is!

Btw apart from work shoes, as you can see above, Scholl also has other types of shoes, sandals &  slippers.. including the new casual Darron range for this Autumn Winter. The blue one is pretty cool - I'd say!

Wearing the Scholl to work today!

But since I'm looking forward to experience the arch support, plus the fact that I'm looking for a new pair of shoes, I've got one pair of work shoes from the Arch support range.

Owh yeah,  I'm so looking forward to have a new experience with them for this will be my 1st time getting such technologically cool shoes! :)

The Scholl shoes I chose was for work - but here, it still fits for a casual wear.

*Btw I'm back to using brown shoes.. well like the sales personal mentioned - it helps to look young-er! Haha!

*After 2 weeks of using the Scholl shoes, my feet feels less tired even after a long day of work.. and need less legs massage :)

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  1. brown shoes make u look younger? I didn't notice until now! that's quite a "wake up" fact haha!


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