Thursday, October 04, 2012

Singapore F1 Concert 2012

Singapore Grand Prix - sounds really glam! And yet I've never watched it 'live' before. Well, in fact I've never attended any F1 race before.

But that all changed this year!

Somehow earlier in May this year, I found out about Singapore's F1 & its concert (via online - so yea online works!). Anyway, seeing the info got me excited - for the biggest stars that I like are performing.

At that time, the mention is - the California girl Katy Perry, and mando pop prince Jay Chou!

Now, anyone who have tried buying Jay Chou's concert tickets will know that it isn't easy to get them.

But here, they have not only Jay but also Katy!! That's like a double dose of goodness! And actually there's a 3rd act - tho that wasn't announced till later (and yea it's Maroon 5).

The view from the fanzone. Behind the barricade is the non-fanzone. Boy, are we lucky!! :D
Called a few friends, and we agreed to go for the concert! So, we did the online purchase, and after purchasing the tickets, I submitted some ID to "win" the entries to fanzone area - which basically is to be the privileged ones to stand nearer to the stage!! And yea, I "won" them - for both Katy Perry's &Jay Chou's concerts!

Otw to the concerts. In our hands, the 3 days concert tickets!!
We got our fanzone passes!! Everyday 1 differnt colour :)

Fast forward a few months later, and there I was on the island city to watch the 3 nights of concerts!!

The 1st night was Jay Chou's. And it has very good stage lights and backdrop! Jay came right on time - and belted some of his hits songs.

Jay Chou simply inspires with his piano skills!
Different colours of the lighting were used to set the mood for the different songs though not all - he didnt sing the song Cao Ren Bu Hui Fei :(

But still it was a great energetic performance by him. And I appreciate it more as its my 1st time attending his concert!

Yea, we were that far from stage for Maroon 5!
The 2nd night, was Maroon 5. But we didn't get fanzone passes. The crowd turnout was huge too - this time more of an international mix.

But we were a lil tired, and me not being a super fan of the group.. so we didn't go into the Padang but watched the concert from 'afar'. Guess you could say we didn't enjoy this 2nd night as much - though their fans would definitely have had a super good time!

Now, then came Sunday - and it was the pop sensation Katy Perry's turn. I was looking forward to her concert and was pretty excited!

Well, she came & partied on stage - - getting the crowd high! Unlike Jay's, there's less play of lighting but she used the runaway more. That was good because I was just in front of her!

As expected, she belted all her hit songs - including her (and my) favourite "Fireworks"!

Katy got this guy on stage. And kissed him!
She also teased the crowd - asking the guy who could take off his shirt would get a surprise. This guy did, and he got a kiss from her! Yea, party it was!

Btw both Jay Chou & Katy Perry did encores (how not to - since the crowd do love them? Hehe).

And well, that's how I spent my 3 nights in Singapore!! What a cool & fun experience!! Owh wow!

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