Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bali Most Popular Babi Guling: Ibu Oka!

Babi guling is like the most popular dish in Bali. And Ibu Oka is probably the most popular babi guling restaurant in Bali!!

Well, it is after all made famous by food critic Anthony Bourdain. His recommendation has apparently made this restaurant stand out of the few good ones (I was told by a local buddy).

Anyway, I've always thought of trying the popular babi guling.. and I'm glad that on this trip I did! And all thanks to my buddy who introduced the place.

The restaurant can be easily located at Jalan Suweta - and just opposite the Ubud palace. From afar, you can see the place being crowded with tourists! And soon, we joined them!

Apparently, we were lucky to get seats, without having to wait.

And the food came pretty fast too. The dishes are individually served - but one can order additional stuff like thr fried pork skin (yes, it's sinful - in both senses!).

The pork meat tasted good. The jackfruit accompanying it added some extra touch to it. It also helps that the rice is served warm (unlike many local establishments).

But the best of the lot - the crispy pork skins! And the gravy too. These make the babi guling here special, and very suitable for most tourists (though I'd personally prefer if the food was spicier).

Btw I was also informed that this outlet itself servers up to 8 pigs a day. Owh wow! And there's just another outlet further down the lane.. just in case his gets too crowded!!

Well, I'm glad I have tried this! And as far as it goes, it is so far the best babi guling I've tried!! And it is definitely better than the other one I tried before this - which I'd say is 'beyond compare'.

My advise to those wanting to hang some good babi guling? Eat this! :)

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