Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More New Toy!

I'm suppose to stay off blogging for a bit. But I just can't help it.

Especially when I have such happy news to share. Like this one.

Okay, so I've been having some toy craze of late. It's like I'm suddenly into toys. Of course, toys come in many forms - especially for grown men.

Cos anything can be a toy. A car can be a toy. So is the iPad. Or the Wii. Even figurines.

I like all the above. And more. Haha!

Here's one of it - a new video camera!

sanyo xacti
This may not be a very expensive toy - but still, I'm blessed with it. Though I have the heavier handycam, I hardly use it.. reason mainly of its bulk. For I am a fan of light & easy to shoot devices.

And besides, I want a video cam that is so easy on the hand - like those flip cams... that anybody can use.

So, well, I got myself this 'toy' the other day.

sanyo xacti 10

The Xacti is light. And so easy to shoot. It's like a gun - a light one. And use for any hand - doesn't matter if ur a left hander or right hander!

I've not done full test shots with it yet. But be prepared to see them real soon :)

Btw, if the shots turn out good, I might even get a few of these for my next video project so that we can get different angle shots! I just can't wait!

*On a side note, I still don't own a digital camera cos while it's light, the phone camera is lighter.. and more convenient :)


  1. so you are crazy in the devices? the picture out come clear? hehe

  2. like some laser gun.. hehe..
    looking forward to some vids from you! :)


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