Tuesday, August 30, 2011

50+4 Malaysia: Malaysia, I Still Love You..

As per my previous years, I'm continuing my writings for beloved Malaysia this 2011.. in conjunction with her 54th birthday.


Dear Malaysia
You seem so cool when I was younger
You seem near perfect when from abroad
But now that we are together
The imperfections are clear

The antics of politicians
Rising cost of living
The 3 main things preventing from making you wholesome
Plus a few more..

All these easily blind me 
From the beauty that you have inside
It takes more (effort)
To find those beauty now

Something that I keep reminding myself
To not forget
Cos I want to still love you
Like the way I admired you when young
Or when I look at you fondly when abroad
And the moments when we were reunited

So despite all these imperfections you have
I am choosing to see the other side of you
I still believe in you
And that you still boleh

But just remember
Don't take too long to change those imperfections
But do it while the longing heart is still here with you

For Malaysia, I Still Love You..

*I did a book 50+1 Malaysia when Malaysia turned 51, and wrote a blog post 50+3 Malaysia (Yes, I Love Malaysia) for Merdeka last year (Malaysia was 53 then). I wonder what project/ writings I'll do when Malaysia goes 50+5 :)

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