Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm A Gleek Too!

I'm usually slow in watching hit TV series. Like for example - it took me quite a few seasons before I started watching one of my all time favourite sitcoms - Friends. So was the superpower sitcom - Heroes (I followed it only while it was in Season 3.. or was it 4?).

glee logo

But comparing it with Glee... though I somewhat maintain being a 'late watcher' (I prefer to call it 'late bloomer' hahaha!), I actually watched this series while it was still running in Season 2!!! (now thats a record!).

Now, how did it all start? Well, first off... I've been hearing so much bout Glee from friends, from the media and of course, via the social media networks. I was curious.. though I didn't pay much attention.

And then, someday I chanced upon this video by Max Adler, one of the cast of Glee. He was sharing that life can get better under the It Gets Better Project.

I was inspired by his message, and belief.

And I knew that somehow it relates to the Glee show.

And so.. I knew that I had to watch... Glee!

glee cast
Finally I knew what the L was! Hahaha! (thought it was something else, at first... ooops!)
So, what's so great bout this musical series? Well, yeah, that's the answer... it's a musical series. They feature cool pop songs resung by the cast. One of the better ones are like Teenage Dream (check below). While Katy Perry's version is cool, so is theirs!

In fact, some of the songs turned out better. Like - Friday!!!

Wait, music alone is not enough. There's more.. such as the witty cast. Each of the cast has very unique & interesting roles.. and this builds up the love-hate feeling for each cast member, as a viewer. This, I'd say is so well done by the producers & scriptwriters... making all of the cast rather equal.

And then comes one of my favourite reason why I love movies/ TV shows... the fantasy bit! This is most apparent in the coach Sylvester's role. Like seriously, where in the world can a coach be so crazy yet at the same time get off with it..? (and we laugh along with it too!!).

But most of all.. why do I love Glee? 

It's the message behind it - that everyone is different and have different interests/ quirkiness.. and rather than casting these aside, instead we are to accept each & everyone uniqueness. 

And that brings me back to the beginning of this blog post - and how the message by Max Adler links it back to the series!

Oh one final note, Glee 3D movie is out...! And I'd say go watch it - if ur a music fan. Or is someone open to be inspired.. I guess of course, I don't need to tell fellow Gleeks this! :)

To understand how AWESOME this movie is, check the opening number! Love the atmosphere!

*I think I can go on & on bout this series, but I think that's enough for now. I am officially a Gleek! Hahaha!!!


  1. I have never even watched one episode...don't know if I will become a Gleek one day. :P

  2. i only watched season 1.. lost track of s2 :P

  3. Yay! Gleek fan *high5* I watched the 3D movie last night and it was awesome as if i'm in the concert!

  4. Yay! Gleek fan *high5* I watched the 3D movie last night and it was awesome as if i'm in the concert!


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