Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Pepper & Salt: The Mandarin

It's been another long wait till I got the series up again. Well, busy-ness is always the answer for most reason... and this is the case again.

With work taking a big chunk of time & working on productions on the side... not to mention gym + Mando classes myself.. time is quite a constrain. But, then I found a 'miracle'.. No call that a miracle app.

In fact, this app is not superly new to me. I have used this Photoshake app on the iPhone many times already but not so much for comics.

But I thought I'd try it out today... and got this next installment of the Pepper & Salt comics up while lunching today! To that I say Yay for it sure saves time. 

Hopefully with me finding bout this new app, I can create more Pepper & Salt comics in the future :)

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