Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating My Pre Valentine's Day

Love is in the air.. and I had this pre Vday celebrations just yesterday. Now, it wasn't a planned outing.. but just something rather random.

As it was Saturday night, we were looking for a place to hangout.. and just decided to go to the heart of Kay El - yeap, Bukit Bintang!

It was jam as usual.. but that was okay. Cos we were not rushing to anywhere.. and really, it was our night out (awww..).

After parking, we jalan jalan the street a lil.. I've always liked walking along Bukit Bintang at night. Yes, it feels very touristy, but hey, I'm not from Kay El anyway, so it suits me fine :)

Some jalan and then we popped into one of my favourite restaurants (for drinks)... A&W and its rootbeer!

Pure bliss.. oh yeah...

Done with drinks and it was more jalan jalan.. first stopping by a street performer in all its glitter. Reminded me of the ones I took in Manila. Anyway, some loose change into his box, and a pose was next! (he made this pose just for me haha!).

The atmosphere along Bukit Bintang was lively.. and it felt good! Visited a few shops and got myself a Kpop CD. Nothing much else to buy, but it was still quite a nice walk.

Made a quick stopover at Lot 10 rooftop, and saw the beautiful view from above..

And finally, it was time to rest the legs and go for that cheesy moment.. yeah, for some cheesecakes (what were u thinking?). Hehe.

Though this outing was random, but it was rather nice.. and kinda feels so Vday-ish of sorts. So yeah, Vday 2011 sure came early for me! :)

Hmm, now I wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow..

And how bout u? What will u be doing this Vday? :)


  1. Aww...what a sweet pre Valentine's Day you had~ I bet tomorrow's celebration gonna be even better than what you had yesterday!^^

    Wee...have fun, QuaChee! Have the sweetest day with your loved one~ Happy Valentine's Day to you and her a.k.a MuaChee~ Ahaha! ;P

  2. shucks!! and here I was hoping to catch a glimpse of ur gf...LOL

    wish u n her happy n stay sweet always.. =) happy valentine my friend

  3. Hoping to see her here too! :(

    V-day also came earlier to me! We also celebrated pre when I was there! ;)

    Happy Valentine's day to u and ur love, QC! Stay lovey dovey together! :)


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