Sunday, February 27, 2011

My 36 Hours In Singapore

"Qua, they want another meeting on Friday afternoon too... so how?" says biz partner who just got a call from a potential sponsor.

"Oh well, Ill have to go into Singapore later then," I replied.

Move fwd 2 days: By 5pm, the meeting ended. But instead of heading straight away from Kay El, we had to go to a mamak shop nearby, and work on that proposal we had. Another 2.5 hours or so, and then I was ready to head off to Malacca to fetch my mum.

By the time we reached Singapore after the 'pit stop' in Malacca, it was nearly 2am in the morning. And I reached my destination - 3am.

But in any case, I was in a good mood.

I was there in the island city for a holiday.. and was ready for some good fun. It was my friend's wedding that I came to attend after all.

titus grace weddingSo on early Saturday morning, it was time to head to the church. Old NTU buddy was pretty much his usual happy self, only difference is that he was dressed in all white.
Ah, his big day and I was proud for him!

Soon enough, he and wife Grace exchanged vows, and lunch was served!

Now that lunch was over, I decided to join my mum & bro for some jalan jalan Singapura. It's funny cos I am in some ways a tourist now.. but then, having stayed in Singapore for so many years, I am not too. So no Universal Studios or all those touristy stuff for me.

Instead we ended up in one of my favourite hangout place there - Orchard Road. And the mall we ended up at - Ion.

love advertWasn't much into buying anything.. so it was more of a look-see thing. Just enjoying the mood in Orchard.

toastbox ion singaporeWe did have some yummy Toastbox at the food court below. The setting was different and wasn't the usual Toast Box kopitiam style. But I knew from the menu that it is.. for it sure can't run away from it's signature dish like this yummy peanut butter on bread, which I fell in love with 2-3 years back!

corn beef eggAlso tried this - which was new in the menu (for me at least): corn beef with egg. Still prefer the peanut butter tho.

Oh anyway, it was here that I went into 'American English' mode. Cos, the staff was at first a lil rude when I was speaking local. But when the ang moh slang kicked in, things changed. And yeah, the slang stayed on throughout the trip (again) :)

noise singaporeBumped into the exhibition area of Noise Singapore at Ion too. Quite a nice & unique concept of promoting Singapore's youth talents from the arts.

noise singapore ionWas a very small area.. but well decorated. I'd say this could be more impactful if it was done in a much bigger scale (ah, but let's not go there). Still, a pat on the back for the organisers :)

family ionDinner was at Canton-i, joined by my best buddy & Pinoy friend, Richard. Yeah, it may seem a lil weird eating Malaysian there, but like I said, I'm not really a tourist so I don't mind. And besides, the food at Canton-i was like always - good!

After dinner, mum headed home to rest. While me & my Pinoy friend had some chit chat & catch up.. over some yummy cakes. Was really great talking to this close friend of mine, who is
always wise, light spirit.. and always happy!

clarke quayAfter some cakes, and a bit of discussion, we headed to Clarke Quay to join with some of his other Pinoy friends who were in town.

And we got a table by the river - on that busy Sat nite! Lucky us! haha!!!

Btw, it's funny that while I was living there, I hardly visited Clarke Quay.. and only do so now that I'm not living there. Drinks and a round of murtabak after that, and it was 3am by the time we reached home.

ingredients filipino foodNext morning, I woke up to my friend cooking. He cooks well, and was preparing some yummy Filipino food. I've tasted some of his cooking before, and knew that it was gonna be a feast for lunch.
filipino foodAnd it sure was! There was fish & vegetables..

adoboAnd his speacilty.. the adobo!

After lunch, we rested a bit. Yeah, enough of going out I guess. So, we just watched some TV.. and it was Philippine's ABS CBN's ASAP show (you'd think I was in Philippines, but it was on cable!). Entertained, we were but we had to cut it short, as then it was time to head back to homeland.

This was a short trip (about 36 hours), and not much jalan jalan as a tourist. But I feel so happy.. it was great connecting with my buddies again especially these friends who are true friends, and that was good enough! (plus the fact that I was with my mum & bro!!) :)


  1. Wow, I wanna try the adobo and other Philippine dishes too! *Drooling* :P

    Haha...although it was a short trip, it's worth every single second you were there, right?

    You sure have such great friends! Good for you, QuaChee! :D

  2. must be tiring right to be there just for awhile. But you more than made it up by meeting with your pals right? :)


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