Friday, February 11, 2011

Vday & My 5th Video

Vday.. oh Vday. Some people so look forward to it, while some people just wanna shy away from it.. all for obvious reasons.

love collage
Me - well, I treat Valentine's Day as quite an important day just like the other festive seasons. I've always enjoyed Valentine's someway or rather.. and of course, I remember the times when buying flowers, exchanging gifts & having candlelight dinners by the seaside.

And this year.. I just hope to make it special too.

It will come in 2 ways.. first off, it's personal.

But that's not all. I also hope to spread a unique L.O&O.V.E (pronounced lurve) this Vday. Yes, together with my biz partners, we are offering to deliver flowers & video the process too. Yeap, we are gonna record the recipients shocking (hopefully a happy shock) expressions!!! :)

Not sure if this is ever done in Malaysia (and even elsewhere in the world).. but well, let's hope we can spread some LOVE around, and make some lovebirds extra happy! (all together now.. awwww....!)

This is the sample video on how we will do it!

*Oh btw, if ur keen to get this package or win it too (yes, we are giving 1 Lucky couple this chance!), visit L.O&O.V.E ! Spread the lurve y'all! :)

*Thanks for Rebecca Saw ie Becky for helping out in the demo video!

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