Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CNY 2011: Part 2

(continued from Part 1)

cny panda painting
A normal painting but felt much more important this CNY..

Moving on to the 2nd day of CNY, it was a much quieter affair. I wasn't really in the mood for anything much, and spent my time driving around Malacca which to be honest, got a lil boring especially with the extra hot weather. Oh, I went to the new Jusco Melaka too for some last minute groceries, and too find the mall a lil boring (yes, weird to happen on CNY, but I've never been a Malacca fan of late.. ooops!).

Then came dinner on the 2nd nite - which usually is a big thing for my family. Mum prepared steamboat, and my relatives from Malacca, Kay El & Singapore all came over. Aunties, uncles, grandma, granduncle, grandaunties, and cousins all came over to my house. But somehow, I was a lil quiet on that day - really not my usual self (more on that another time).

chinese new year friendsCome the 3rd day, the mood was much better. And I decided to visit some friends starting off with blogger friend Erika. This was the first time me visiting a blogger - what's more for CNY!

cny kana
Btw, it was nice visiting her quaint lil house, decorated in a very cute way for Chinese New Year.But what I enjoyed most - the variety of kana she served! Hehe!

Lunch was then with my relatives once again, this time round at the Chinese restaurant. At this point, I made a decision to be happy and talk more to them, since I didn't quite talk to them much the day before (yeah, sort of making up). Felt good bout it!

ang pow tree
After lunch, I headed over to visit another blogger's home: Submerryn. Her house was very inviting and full of the CNY mood as well - and the trees are so nicely hanged with ang pows!

cny cookieIt was another round of makan makan with Submerryn - she had another mix of cookies which were yummy as well (call me your cookie monster!).

cny submerryn ang powOh and guess what, Submerryn really gave ang pow! Haha!!! :)

erika, submerryn, ang powAnd I wasn't the only one who received it. Erika, who came along with me, also got her red packet! :)

After some chit chat, it was time to go back.. and while it was nice chatting with Submerryn and family, and their "jokes" (go figure), it was evening time already.. Was just a pity, I didn't meet Submerryn's son, Ethan.

malacca beach
And just before I left Malacca, I did what I usually do when I go back - that is to go to the beach. But this time I not only visited the beach but I actually had dinner by the sea too! Was Malay ikan bakar! Again, my first time doing such on CNY!!! (this btw is my view during dinner.. oooo).

Well, there you have it.. on how I celebrated the first few days of my CNY. Like I mentioned previously, it was a very different CNY for me.. one that I'll definitely remember for the moods I had, but also how different this CNY is! :)


  1. What do you meant by I really gave out angpow? U think I bluff bluff one ah? :D

    Next year come again yeah? This time I'll make sure I wait in the living room instead of my bedroom! :P

  2. Ooh! Pandas!! I like!! hahaha!!

    Wah! Got angpow from Merryn! I want!!!

    Huh? Merryn waited for you in her bedroom? Tsk tsk!

  3. Yay, we sure had lots of fun during CNY! And getting an angpow from Merryn was the best part of all! Hehe... xP

    Let's do it again next year, oh wait...make that every year if possible! Muawhaha!

    I got a feeling that next year's CNY will be better and much more fun with a less emo and more fun loving QuaChee! Wee! xD


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