Thursday, February 14, 2008

Malaysia Is Beautiful

The process of publishing the book for Malaysia sure gets me a lot of research. Ive been reading so many materials - from hardcopy to softcopy, and the vast information online.

Being Malaysian, and quite updated with the ongoings in the country, I thought this would be a simple & easy task. In a way, just like any other Malaysian, it should be rather easy - we roughly know the culture, people, places to visit, etc. However, I realised that the knowledge I know is rather general in a way! Even one of the simplest ones - travel was difficult.

Im lucky to have visited the many popular sites in the country, and even had a fun time snorkeling in Redang (Beautifully Refreshing). That actually help me to understand the diving sites better, and why
Malaysia is really so beautiful - above & under the sea!

IMG_0072, originally uploaded by aquanerds.

Ive never been to Sipadan, but just see how beautiful it is. What a discovery on the Sipadan island, and also on diving - picture really tells a thousand words!.

To add, the diving sites like these found at Sipadan & other areas in Sabah & Sarawak are just part of Malaysia. There is much more to see from heritage buildings, new modern buildings with great architecture, and other nature places - from North to South Peninsula, West Coast to the East Coast... and East Malaysia!

This brings me to mind on a comment made by an acquaintance on tourism in Malaysia being too diverse. That time, I agreed with him, but now I see the reason. It's mainly because the country has lots too offer! And tourists whether local or foreign, can choose what they like - all in one country!

In a way, Im enjoying myself discovering something I thought I knew! Its a lot of information & knowledge gained.

Most of all, it makes me feel that this Malaysia Book project is a good one - to share Malaysia to everyone - locals & foreign. Im sure that there are more we need to know about the country (the positive part) - more of like the first step of 'recognition' :)

*No need to guess where one of my next holiday trip is gonna be!


  1. I have been to KK and Sandakan but I never dived. I was told that Sipadan has the best waters for diving. My college professor had dived there.

    Oh yes, I have an award for you which can be picked up from my blog. Congrats and Happy Valentine.

  2. Sabah is indeed very famous for its beautiful islands. I went KK last trip back hometown too. Though I dint go diving or snorkeling, while just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of d beach and its clear blue sea is simply amazing! You must visit another island, Pulau Manukan too. Guaranteed to be an unforgettable trip =)

  3. hi jesie

    thanks for the gift. ill collect & distribute it soon :)

    hope you had a gr8 valentines! :)

  4. I see that your blog is really beautiful. A great and good effort indeed.

    There is beauty if we scratch below the skin in anything we care to, with a big heart and an open mind.

    Miri offers good diving experiences and some deep sea fishing.

    Hope to hear from you too.


  5. thanks,sarawakiana on yr encouragement :)


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