Thursday, February 21, 2008

Of Chinese New Year Movies

Ok, today's the last day of the festive Chinese New Year period. And I guess, I've written a fair bit on Chinese New Year. But there's one more that I would like to share - Chinese New Year movies.

I can remember last time when we awaited for Jackie Chan's New Year movies each year. Now that's he's in Hollywood, we don't get to see him now. However, like Christmas movies, Chinese New Year movies are here to stay.

While Hong Kong continues to produce them, so does Singapore film maker, Jack Neo. And it has become a new wait for Singaporeans each Chinese New Year to watch his movies which are with a localised Singapore theme.

This year there is no exception, with Ah Long Pte Ltd - a comedy film about loan sharks. There is the usual funny moments & also some heart-beating moments. However, there is a lil twist this time around, as they gear to tap the Malaysian market, hence featuring Malaysian actors, some Cantonese dialogues & the Malaysian style Mandarin. Ah Long Pte Ltd will open not as a Chinese New Year movie in Malaysia though, on 13 March 2008.

The other successful Chinese New Year movie is the huge budget film of Stephen
Chow's - CJ7.
Like the others, it has some humour, but in fact this movie is more geared as a family movie on father-son relationship & buddy friendship on an alien pet & the journey of its poor schoolboy owner.

Amongst the 3 movies, a lil less hype but a great watch will be the basketball inspired movie featuring Jay Chou - Kung Fu Dunk. Stunning Matrix styled actions & effects combined with Chou's music talent makes this movie a great watch. Maybe more so because of its lower profile, hence, a lower expectation - and when it performs, it becomes a great movie.

From the movies, are music spin offs. The popular one is definitely by Jay Chou with his fast paced rap song Zhou Da Xia.

Another catchy song would be from the OST Ah Long Pte Ltd, though it do sound very similar to the song by Inner Circle - Sweat (A La La La Long).

Well for those who still haven't watched these movies, there's still some time as the movies are still having good showtimes in cinemas.

And with that and the end of the festive period, here's to a wonderful year ahead!

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