Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's & Chinese New Year's Gifts

Valentine's Day is just round the corner. And as usual, it falls either on or near the Chinese New Year.

As it falls on the 9th day of the New Year this year, I just thought I'll share some gifts that lovers can exchange to take full use of the combination of the seasons. Just for some fun :)

1. Heart shaped cookies
Heart shaped 'kuih' (cookies) are a good exchange as it has the symbol of love and are rather tasty! They are rather affordable as well, and there is sure to be abundance of them still available - only thing is to find those heart-shaped ones!

Heart-shaped kuih bangkit cookies.

2. Cookies with meaning of love
During the Chinese New Year, another popular kuih is non other than the kuih kapit or also called Love Letters. This is a good Valentine's gift because the name already spells out your hearts intention.

And its even more special if it is homemade, as the results is not only seen through the physical product, but rather, the labour of love that went behind it.

CNY goodies, originally uploaded by SeetYing.

3. Heart shaped ang pows.
I've seen some people folding currency notes into love shapes. Well, how bout using the red colour ang pows/ hong baos instead? Aferall, they are in the colour of love - red. And unlike the previous two, these heart-shaped ang pows can be kept for a long time to come. Better still, fold those using the characters of the rat, in memory of this year!

4. New year plants
Rather than giving roses which can be rather costly, how about going for some Chinese New Year plants - especially those with red flowers? Better still, get a set with a unique meaning and each of you can keep one. Just make sure to get those hardier plants which last beyond the festive period.

Well, there it goes - 4 items which can carry both meaning of love for Valentine's Day and at the same time a celebration for the New Year! :)

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  1. You guys are enjoying a long break for Chinese New Year with nice cookies; kuih bangkit, kuih kapit and Valentine in a row. How nice.

    CNY is just another working day over here.


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