Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Age Matters

Have you heard of anyone saying that they are 'old'? (Ie. they are saying that they feel old).

I come across this statement quite a lot and always feel a little bemused by the people saying these statements.

How do we compare a 20+, who is only maybe 20-25% of his life, to consider himself 'old'? Old compared to? Of course you get even the 30s saying that, the 40s, the 50s, 60s and beyond saying that. Everyone above 21 seems to say they are getting old. In fact for the girls, some even say when as young as when they have passed sweet 16.

I realise that the term 'old' is a relative one. And based on my thoughts, some feel old because they've not achieved what they have wanted to achieve yet. Just like what the Maslow's Hierachy of Needs mentions, that every stage of life, there needs to be a fulfillment. I believe to one extend, that there is truth in the law.

Table from BB. (Click for larger view).

Moving forward, if it's true that we feel 'old', I suggest, we 'take stock', reflect & set our goals. Understanding the fulfillment of our needs could be a first step.

To me, every age group is a unique one, and all equally important. The children are important because it's their time to grow, be educated and have fun. The teenagers are important because they are the trend takers who will eventually lead and become trend setters, some even at that young age.

The 20s are important because they are the building their careers, learning as much as they can, and making a dent in their working world. This is basically an age group that is to learn as much as possible.

The 30s are a little bit more comfortable, usually. They have gained their fair bit of knowledge and wealth and this is usually the time of bonding, relationships & further ideas to businesses. Of course there is still quite a fair bit to learn still.

The 40s are even more comfortable, but this is also the time to make their ways to climb up the rungs - an inch to the the top of the corporate ladder or for businesses, the time to make the stamp on their marks.

The 50s are generally more laid back to one large extend, having already claimed their position and usually maintaining it, though there can be some who are still contiuing to strive hard for expansion and greater success.

Most at their 60s and beyond tend to slow down and look forward to a healthy retirement, having a good time, fully enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Now this is of course very relative. There are early boomers, eg. some young entrepreneurs already securing their marks when young (see American big guns like Facebook & Google creators). Or some late bloomers who achieve things in a later stage of life (one example could be Malaysia's very own casino guru - the late Lim Goh Tong).

But basically, we will all go through this path where quoting the Law, 'each level has emotions that need to be filled'.

Now that we know about the Law, and each 'level', age matters in terms of moving forward and going about to fill the emotion needs. Hence rather than complaining 'not young anymore', we should instead have a positive outlook in life of living a fulfilled one, and gear towards it. :)

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