Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Inspiring Hobby: Photography

One of my hobbies that I like is photography, having been exposed to it while I was in school.

Actually, photography is like a piece of art itself because the photographer is able to create beautiful pictures, just by having an eye - usually from different angles. Of course, higher end cameras do help as then the photographer can create photos a lil different from the actual scene. And there's also photo editing softwares, though, to me the best ones are always captured as is.

However, in a way, though it falls within the art scope, photography is a lil less art-sy in a way, as its a broader 'function' (compared to like painting) - its needed even in work (not only in the media industry, but even like in construction, real estate, etc), hence a wider exposure too - not to mention, cameras are a must on trips - to record our experience & journeys.

In the course of finding submissions on the book for Malaysia, I've chanced on a few nice photos myself. Here, I would like to share a few of my personal favourites, taken by other photo hobbyists - for the passion of beautiful pictures. Of course some are pros, but there are some here who just snap good shots on their daily lives & travels.

Originally uploaded by cliffbutt100

Star gazing! Now, that's a true star! Just look at its texture.

Tetes - Tetes Embun Pagi
Originally uploaded by Prama Arta

Embun pagi - little morning dew. Somehow, this photo reminds me of a bonding/ togetherness feel. Maybe it was what I used to see during scout camps.

It's Saturday!
Originally uploaded by Ad_Q

Saturday morning! Ah reminds me of the times we needed to wash our shoes over the weekend for school on Monday!

Mosque in Kuala Ibai
Originally uploaded by deyna rashid

Just look how the sky blend with the mosque. Blue- white! Its so peaceful just looking at this pic. And what a beautiful mosque it is.

Many thanks to these photographers who share their art pieces in their sites and for us to be awed by them :)


  1. thanx for your acknowledgement.. i really appreciate it. hope you'll succeed with your project. good luck!

    -deyna rashid-

  2. The photos are really nice, I like the morning dew, I can even smell the freshness.

  3. thank you, deyna.

    yr photo of the mosque is to be published in the book :)

    stormwhistle, that's the power of photography heh :)

  4. very detail indeed....i love it


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