Thursday, April 03, 2014

Oh Hey, I Spoke At Ninetology AirAsia Plane Livery Event!

Ninetology wrapped a AirAsia plane. Call that plastering its name across the plane end to end.

Cool branding in many ways, and definitely a "wow". 

And well, I was there, being part of the historic moment... taking some photos and well, giving a speech there too (oh wow!).

The plane.. is a plane, but when you have your brand name on it, it's definitely a proud moment. Congrats Ninetology in your dream of going ASEAN!

Me and teammate, +Eric Lee Huangshi . 

Me and PR mate and teammate Sofea. 

The big boss, CEO Sean giving his speech. Part of the main gist - Ninetology made RM180 million last year, and gonna make RM380 million in 2014. 

Oh and hey, it's me - giving my "speech". I shared about Our "So Wow For All" Marketing concept - which is about wow-ing fellow Ninetologians throughout this 2014. 

Me, the cosplayers, and the 4 colourful U9J1. Hello Catwoman, hello Elsa!

The 1st Wow - is the latest model, a full fledged Android phone.. which does everything a smartphone can do, but only for a price of RM199 (I know, wow!).

There's other Wows too. One of them is the #9Giveaway done every 9th of the month on Ninetology's FB. Last month, we gave out the 100 Doraemon event tickets (which was snapped up by the 1st hour.. yes wow!).

Upcoming will be a heartwarming webseries. Apart from the series, Ninetology will be going around old folks homes, and connecting the old folks with the loved ones by the Ninetology handsets (awwwww). 

There's a few other Wows for the year. But well, I didn't reveal further. For after all... the event was about the plane. And I think the plane needed its full glory :)

*I'm proud to have given the opportunity to speak at this event. The 2nd for me this year, so far.. the first being in MSMW. Yay!

*Btw for those of you who wanna watch my "speech".. here it is. I'm told by some, it's pretty awesome hahahaha! :P


  1. Wow!!! Impressive! Nice-T! Which colour is suitable for me? Wink! Wink! :D

  2. I was there and i saw a confident speaker :)


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