Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Was At The Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon.

I've been seeing pictures of some fellow bloggers attending this event a few years back. They were nice, or awesome. 

And that made me attend the event once before. However, that was in the afternoon, and no hot air balloons were in sight. 

However, this year, I surprised myself (again). I woke up at 530am, just to go to the hot air balloon festival - and try to get the tickets for the tethered hot air balloon rides. 

Me and buddy arrived pretty early - like 645am. But by then, there was already a long queue. And bout 30 mins later.. the person in charge told us the "bad news" - that the tickets are all sold out. 

Preparation for the morning tethered hot air balloon rides.
In a way, I didn't miss the tethered balloon rides - it's pretty err.. low. 

So since that was off the itinerary, we proceeded to the empty field where the sponsored hot air balloons were being prepared for "take off".

Together with buddy +Eric Lee Huangshi . I have 3 cameras - the DSLR, the compact camera and the smartphone. But at the end of the day.. the smartphone rules!

Now, luckily my buddy loaned me his DSLR camera. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been allowed to enter the barricades. What a funny rule! For I carried that - really "just for show", and took photos with my smartphone instead!

One of the major highlights every year is the Darth Vader hot air balloon. And although it's been around every year (well, definitely not its first time as I've seen photos of it before).. so I had to take the photo of it. 

Oh ya, Darth Vader actually did "visit" Malaysia! 

The other hot air balloon that striked me is this blown up motorbike by Yamaha. 

But the ones, that I felt most proud of is the 2 hot air balloons from Taiwan. The cow one is sooooooo cute!

Those were the major highlights of the event. On the whole, it was a nice experience for a 1st time visitor.

Though personally, unless the organisers increase the number of balloons next year and have more unique balloons, I'll probably skip it. Oh but count me in if I get a free ride above the sponsored balloons! XD

Hot Air Balloon event - checked!

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