Thursday, April 24, 2014

I've Watched Emily Of Emerald Hill!

Emily Of Emerald Hill. Oh, I've heard so much wonderful reviews about it, but never have had the chance to watch it before. 

So, while reading through one of my favourite magazines, TimeOutKL, I noticed that this show will be showing in the all new Damansara Performing Arts Centre aka DPAC. And so, I bought my tickets and went for it!

Well, what can I say except that I was blown away! And that's also the reason why I'm writing this blog post as fast as I can. Cos I want you to go watch it (yes, there's still time!).

The date I watched Emily!

You see, in this 2 hour show (with a short break in between), the actress, Pearlly Chua did the whole show - alone. And she pulled it of so well with her superb acting. 

She acted as a child, to a young Nyonya, to a loving (yet at times fierce) mother and wife, and to a widow. And with it, she brought joy, sadness, and anger which I felt it myself by watching her performance.  

With the star herself, Pearlly Chua!

And even though she is just 1 person, and with very lil props, she could bring out the majestic and glory days of the Baba Nyonyas.. like how they had grand dinners, and the way they did to impress!

And well, if I thought doing YouTube videos was tough enough.. she proved that there's more to great acting! Truly, I'm honoured to see such a great artist and performer. What an inspiration indeed. 

“The audience was held spellbound and silent by the intensity of Chua’s performance.” Sunday Star, 1990. 

“…an overhelming experience.” New Straits Times, 2004.

How true indeed!

Btw, I had the opportunity to talk to the director too, Chin San Soon, who told me that Emily has been such an old show - since 1984! It has since been replayed over the years by many other actors.. though he is most proud of Pearlly (she played over 160 times!). 

Me and the director, Chin San Soon
While I haven't watched the other actors performed, but I'm so sure that Pearlly has set one high benchmark! (the other one I remember hearing raves reviews is Ivan Heng - yes a guy!).

Oh and he also mentioned that many actors will act out Emily to prove his/ her acting skills. Ooooooo. Maybe I should try it someday - like on Youtube! :P

Do you want a bear? :P
Btw, I wanna share this pic too, cos this is one of the stalls selling handmade bears, just outside of the DPAC entrance :P

Emily of Emerald Hill showtime at DPAC
17 - 20 April (Thu - Sun) 8.30pm
24 - 26 April (Thu - Sat) 8.30pm
27 April (Sun) 3.00pm

*More info at DPAC: Emily Of Emerald Hill.


  1. That show has been around for a long time now, starting in Singapore, if I'm not mistaken. I sure would love to watch it...but no such luck. Never on whenever I hopped over to KL. I think it was in Kuching once as well.

  2. P.S.
    By the way, isn't the director's name Chin San Sooi? If I remember correctly, I attended a talk by him on the theatre a long time ago - 1986, I the Language Institute, KL.


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