Friday, November 08, 2013

Taiwan Souvenirs Giveaway

Taiwan. One of my favourite holiday destination.

And just recently, I had a short trip there. It was really short - ie. less than 48 hours. Well, it was due to some "unavoidable" work commitments.

But short it was, the trip was fun. Taipei has grown to be even nicer now (as compared to my last trip 2 years back). And despite it being a short trip, I managed to visit some familiar places like the Shilin Night Market, and the cool shopping area - Ximending!

Oh and to which I met Sulley there. Seems like Monsters University is rather huge there for Sulley is everywhere :) Personally, I would have loved to buy the big Sulley home - if I had checked-in luggage!!

Btw, I've gotten some souvenirs back from Taiwan which I'd like to pass to you guys. 

Postcards from Taiwan! I love that the designs are pretty cool - not the regular touristy pics :)

Animal kingdom bag tag, keychains and the Bear magnet cum bottle opener! Btw, I love the fact that the Formosa bear seems to be quite an icon for Taiwan! :)

If you'd like one, simply fill up the form below. Like my previous giveaways, I'll then randomly pick the lucky people to receive them. It might just be you :)


  1. had a whale of a time over there. :D

  2. Just submitted my entry. Hopefully I am lucky enough. :p

  3. u must visit Yogyakarta, indonesia for your next trip. i'll be ur tour guide..


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