Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh Hey, I'm In The Press!

Appearing in the press. Ah, it has always been a nice feeling. And every year since 2005, I have appeared at least once. Much has been related to the projects that I've done - and then some recognition (like the one as finalist in Men's Health Singapore or appearing in Men's Uno magazine for KL's Top 20 Personalities).

Well, but this year - I do not have any mega project. Summer Love Bangkok has been scheduled to next year (due to my new job - grrrr). And while I've been active on social media - including a new Youtube channel (TeddyBenTV ehem ehem), but that to me is also not worthy enough news to get into mainstream media (well not yet hehe).

But hey, saying all that.. I was pretty surprised that I got into the press still. And it's all thanks to Papulex. Some of you readers will remember me posting about my journey as one of the selected bloggers for the Bloggers Challenge.

Well, yes, I won the challenge (hooray!) - and then they recognised me over a press event. So the reporters came, and tadaaa.. I was in the press! Hahhaa!

Yes, English, Chinese, Malay - press you name it.. you can see a happy smiley me! :D

Btw, that's not all. Apart from being featured in the press.. the main thing as being the winner fot the bloggers challenge is the Grand Prize winnings. The winner could choose to learn anything and Papulex will fund it (value up to RM3000).

Initially, I chose to learn scuba diving but then schedule clashed. So I opted for the other thing that I really wanted to learn - which is iOS app programming. This was the beginner's crash course scheduled over 3 days.

Well, it was a rather tight 3 days and I guess, as of now, programming is not my forte (not yet perhaps?). But still, I thank Papulex for allowing me to learn some new things. For with or without the winnings, I would have still gone for the course someday.

And to which, I do hope to look into it a lil deeper someday too :)

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