Friday, November 01, 2013

Ninetology U9Z1 Review (And Ryu's Hoduken!)

Android phones. What another one? 

Well yes, and again I'm here to share with you guys on one of Ninetology's latest and premium smartphones - the U9Z1. 

Firstly, before we dig into the model, here's some overview. Ninetology prides itself as an ASEAN brand, with sales channels across Malaysia and Indonesia. 

And the U9 series (also pronounced at "unite"), is the higher end models from the company. 

The company launched 3 new models under the U9 series - the X1, Z1 and Z1+. I have btw, reviewed the X1 previously. 

And well, this time round, I'm reviewing their other model - the "larger than life" Z1. The reason for the tagline? Well, it's the size - for this phablet is 5.7 inches wide.

But that's not all - it also has gorilla corning glass ie strong glass that don't break so easily.. which means you can play ping pong with it (well, if you don't have a bat.. why not right?).

The back is the aluminium back body! That's quite something as compared to many plastic-ky Android phones in the market!

There's a few other features to this model as well.. to which I've compiled the features into a video. Oh and in case you are wondering why the title of the post is Ryu's Hoduken.. you'll find the answers in the video!

*More info of the U9Z1 can be found at Ninetology U9Z1 product page

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