Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Restaurant Review: Padi House

I've been to Padi House at their Sri Petaling outlet sometime back. I can't remember much except that it has a nice deco and cakes.

Well months later, I'm back with some friends - but this time to their outlet in Setia Walk.

The restaurant do feel very welcoming, and was quite crowded too. That despite it being tea time.

I'm pretty happy with the selection of drinks particularly those fresh fruit - detox drinks. We had the carrot green apple celery, and also just the plain celery.

One of us had the ice green tea cafe latte. Now that is quite unique - I'd say.

Food wise - we had the Chix Burrito which was a lil disappointing. The burrito was flat and the meat was too little. Taste was also just average.

But the other 2 dishes did well. The Pasta de Pesto Grilled Chicken was cooked just nice - not too oily. The chicken was also tender. This dish meets the standard of a decent spaghetti meal.

The other dish - the Mongolian Lamb Cutlet was surprisingly awesome. The meat were tender.. and not hard. This to me is already a plus - as not many places can cook it that way. Plus, it is actually quite tasty. And more so for it's price.

Yes I guess one of the good thing bout Padi House is that it serves food at reasonable prices. Some may even say it's cheap. For like the lamb, it was less than RM20!

Btw, we concluded our meal with a happy ending - literally. Yes we had their prized Macademia Cheese Cake. And it was oh so yummy!

In conclusion, this is a good place for meals like lunches and dinner. And even for light meals and a place to chill. From now onwards, I will surely remember this cafe/ restaurant!! :)

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