Monday, March 18, 2013

Guys Manicure And Pedicure.. Too! (At Amante Nail Spa)

I just did a manicure. And pedicure too.

And guess what? It's not my first time.

Omg? What? Really? Seriously, manicure for guys?

Yes. Well 5 years back as one of the finalists for Men's Health Singapore, all of us finalists were given a manicure session.

At that time, the thought of having to manicure felt a lil weird for me. But I saw the results and am pretty impressed.

But even then - I've not stepped into any manicure/ pedicure outlets.. Well not till like just last week when I was invited to review the Amante Nail Spa And Body Care.

This time round, I was up for it. Partly, while not that many guys manicure yet, but it's no more as taboo as 5 years back. And well, secondly I'm no more Mr Shy Guy. Haha!

So there I was on that Saturday morning. All set for my nail session. Together with my BFF - my mum! Well who would enjoy a manicure session more, right? :)

Stepping into the outlet in Puchong felt very comfortable. Like the name suggests - very spa like. The staffs at the counter were friendly and the music they played were soothing.

The sofas were also relaxing - rather plush in fact. Big and cosy. That's how I felt when sitting down.

The first thing I had to do was to soak my legs into a tub.

And while on that, the staff worked on my hands. It wasn't just the fingernails but I also had my "skin wrap" around my hands, and the back of my palm scrubbed.

Tadaa... before, and after the scrub!! So much difference!

The after effect was amazing!

In between, while my hands were wrapped in the heat, the staff did my toes - the basics of using some utensils around the nail to clean off the dirt. And then to clip the extra skin that blocks the nail from having a proper nice clean shape.

She also filed my nails - and that's the part I squirmed. For I have long in grown skin beneath the nails, so that do get a lil tricky for me.

But the staff who was assigned to me was quite a pro, and made sure no pain was done! I'm not sure if the girls ever feel this way too - getting squirmish and all.

Owh the next effect I had was to laugh - a lot! Cos the next thing was to get my feet scrubbed, clearing the dead skin. The staffs were a lil amused.. and giggled along. Ah if only I had filmed that scene!

After my toes were done, the similar steps of cleaning my nails were next.

This sure sounds short, but the whole process took about 2 good hours! Wow! But well the results speaks for itself.

Btw while mine was done, my BFF had one extra. Nail polish and art.

The staffs offered my mum to choose 1 set of pictures she liked - from their nail collection. Which they later painted her toes accordingly after painting her nails.

Well that's usually the end - in a nail spa. Or so we thought. But surprise surprise - we were given an option to try their massage or facial.

Now this is really a full spa!

My mum had the facial while I had the massage - to which I had a pretty good masseur who knows the stressed points. And applied the right pressure accordingly. Well, she did mentioned though that I am a "tough" customer for my built and the firmness of my body (probably due to the gym). So that's why I'm doubly glad with her service.

My all cleaned nails! Hehe!
All in all, Amante really surprised me. I felt very at ease despite being a guy in what assumes to be a female oriented clientele. There was no judgement - but instead a very warm service that was to get the client in a good mood and in the end of the day get a nice good results.

*Note that the massage is only available for couples, and not individual males.

*Amante has a few branches in Malaysia. The full list is available at their Amante Fcebook fanpage.


  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate this. I'm still looking for the information about laser treatment.

  2. Haha! Most guys would run away at the thought of a manicure


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