Thursday, March 21, 2013

Smartphone Review: SCSL Switch Pluto

I've recently been loaned an Android base phone for review. This may seem as a surprise for some knowing how well I do enjoy using the Apple iPhone (and it's other products).

But the geek part in me has always been open to other technology especially so the Android platform.

And so when I was passed the new SCSL smartphone model - the Switch Pluto Mi 406, I was rather open to test it out.

Well, this is my 1st time testing out an Android phone. And so my review will be based on me as an iPhone user, trying out this Android device.

To be honest, I expected this test to be difficult. Difficult as in difficult to understand the functions and buttons. But that isn't true, and navigating was pretty easy. I could find all the icons and programs easily and so is using them.

Even setting up was simple. When i was browsing the web with SIM card put into the phone (ie without 3G), it automatically detected the wifi.

And when I took photos with the photos and wanted to send the photos via email.. the setting up of the gmail was pretty easy too.

This came as a surprise as I've heard of some complaining on the different functions on using some other Android smartphones.

Now apart from the basic apps and phone calling, one of the main features in a phone for me is it's camera. As that's my only camera I have - and I use it a lot in my daily life and travels.

I tested out the camera function - both the rear and front. The rear appeared much better at 5.0 MP. However the picture still seems a lil blur. As for the front camera - the colours seems a lil off. This is a lil letdown as all the other aspects of the phone is pretty impressive.

One of them is that this is a dual SIM card phone.

Owh btw, as for the exterior of the phone, well it does feel a lil plasticky and light.. Well, this is probably most notable when one switches from the heavier iPhone. But I think most android based phones won't feel much the difference. And even so, it's just a matter of time about getting used to after a while.

In conclusion, I believe that the SCSL Mi 406 is comparable to other brands of the similar range, or probably slightly better than them.

To me, if you are looking for a cheap entry into the smart phone, then this is probably a good start. After all it retails for only RM599! So well, nearly every one can smartphone!

*The Switch Pluto Mi406 runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. The internal memory is 4GB ROM, and 512MB RAM. The expansion slot can go up to 32GB.

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