Monday, March 11, 2013

Best Dim Sum In KL: Grand Imperial Restaurant

I love dim sum in KL, amongst many of the good food in the city. And amongst my favourite dim sum place is the Grand Imperial.

They have a few outlets all over KL, and I've tried the ones in USJ 19 Mall and 1 Utama. Both of them serve good dim sum.

These are some of the dishes I've had on my most recent visit.

We started off with the century egg and shredded pork porridge. I'm not a big porridge fan, but this is some exception - mainly for the fact that the pork blended with the porridge taste delicious and they serve a generous amount of century eggs in it.

They serve a fair bit of steamed dim sum, and we got the Siew Mai. This, I can't comment much as I'm still a lil clueless when it comes to differentiating how good a Siew Mai is. Though what I can say it definitely is in the better range of the ones I tried.

I like the fried brinjal which looks rather exquisite. And the other dish - the avocado. That was pleasant and rather unique too. The xiao long bao was also good, the standard one would at least expect.

We also had the braised pork throttle - though this time round, it was a lil of a letdown.. cos the portions served was rather fatty. Though some may prefer it that way.

The final dish was the dessert which I always have when in this restaurant - the custard pao (Lao Sa Bao). The looks have changed but the taste still is the same. Yes, the inner filling is still as thick and yummy as before.

The only dish we didn't had this time is the roasted pork.. which is also one of the highlights of the restaurant.

Definitely a place that I keep coming back for for good dim sum. Just expect to pay a lil more, and expect some inconsistencies in the service.

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