Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Sound Of Music (Resorts World Manila!)

Going to Manila to watch a musical? One with a local cast?

That sure got my friends wondering.

But firstly I'm a fan of (great) musicals. Secondly, I know that the Filipinos have some good talents.

And most importantly, I was highly recommended to watch this musical by a Pinoy friend.

Did some research, and most reviews were above average.

So the few days before I arrived, I went to book my ticket for this grand musical - one that I remember watching while younger on TV... yes, The Sound Of Music!!

sound of music manila

Firstly, the event venue is impressive - it is after all the spanking new Resorts World! That already gave a good impression.. which was only followed by the wide cool theatre!

Now with all that awe-ing, it was time to settle in and watch the performance!

The play opened not so much with a bang that I was looking for. The opening backdrop in the church did not have not the huge pow wow that huge musicals have.

But then the other scenes like in the living hall and at the garden was more impressive and made up for the church backdrop.

Now how bout the acting & performance? Initially I had expected a Filipino accented English, but owh that wasnt the case.. instead it was one perfect English diction!!

The songs were beautifully sung.. especially by the lead actress Joanna Ampil who played non other than Maria! Yes she was that good!! Truly the star of the show, and crowd puller!!

And with it being The Sound Of Music, some heart strings were pulled.. bringing back some memories. Maybe I'm more music inclined now.. maybe I've experienced much more over the years.. but whatever it is, I can only feel so because it sure was one beautiful musical indeed!! Wow!! :)

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  1. Sounds like a worthwhile trip. How are you, QC? Been a long time. Apologies, have not been here lately. Please don't be a stranger at mine too. Take care..

    Also, thank you for linking me on your epaper. Much appreciated.


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