Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas In Manila!

A few years back, I read a blog post about how big the Christmas mood is in Manila.. which apparently starts once it enters the 'ber' month or September!

So this year, I decided to head to Manila to enjoy this happy joyful mood!

And while it's only November, but most of the Christmas deco are up!

Here are some photos of the places I managed to visit.. thanks to my Pinoy friend who gave me pointers on where to visit!

I love the deco at Megamall which I thought was rather unique.. The walk at the open area at Bonifacio was also really cool - Christmas or not..

But I guess the place I love most is Eastwood City Mall area.. while its not so much a touristy place, but the outdoor deco including the big Christmas tree sure brings up the festive mood!

Yeah that's one of the thing I like about Manila.. the many outdoor Christmas trees and deco.. which are not just confined indoors!

Owh but I must say that due to time constraint, I missed a few good spots.. including the deco at Makati/ Ayala (which has a daily light & sound display), Mall of Asia, and also Resorts World (which tree was still wrapped up and waiting for the Christmas tree light up moment :( ).

Still with such lovely deco, I really won't mind going back Manila in the year(s) to come to celebrate Xmas :)

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