Wednesday, December 07, 2011

How I Spent 9 Hours In Megamall Manila!!

Even before stepping into Manila, I had my mind set. Will be bringing mum to shop at Megamall..!

So in the very 1st day we arrived, that's what we did!!

Stepping into the mall, one of the first shops I entered was Folded & Hung.. this is the house of the likes of Captain America & the other Marvel comic superheroes.

I saw the Captain America jacket.. and that really caught my eye! But I didn't grab it immediately but instead came back after some thinking! Haha!!

The other shop I headed to was Bench, a local brand in the Philippines with rather cool (& sexy!!) inner clothings ie underwears!

In between the shops, I had some time for the mango juice.. and also tried the local delicacy - bibingka! The cakes eaten when hot is extremely yummy.. especially when added with the brown sugar!

Next stop was the SM Departmental Store.. one of the coolest departmental stores - ever! Haha!

Well coolest because they sell many superheroes tees (think: Batman or Transformers!).. and even cartoon tees like South Park!! And so I was drowned there!

Apart from the tees, they also have some unique overseas fashion brands which I don't see back home.

And then, they have the music section which I also love.. for they have a wide selection of local CDs, and Kpop too!! I have bought many Pinoy CDs from here for each visit to Manila.

However this time round, I didn't get any.. instead I had my attention to the karaoke system they were selling just by the CDs section.. ahh yes the all famous, Filipino proud, Magic Mic! I was really tempted to get it.. but in the end decided not now.

Oh ya, for dinner - while there were many restaurants as options but we decided to go for the food court.

A wise decision as we had decently priced local meals - served on the hot plate!! Was my 1st time trying so.

And around 10, as the mall was to close, we then took some photos both inside & outside the mall - in it's Christmas deco!

When I found out we spent that long in the mall, it got me wondering -
Wow, we really spent that many hours there..?

But in any case, it sure was 9 hours well spent! :)



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