Sunday, December 04, 2011

I Got My Superhero Tees In Manila!!

My 1st Batman tee came from Manila.. from non other than the well known departmental store - SM!

The tees are affordable.. in fact you can say its cheap if you compare it with prices elsewhere selling the same superheroes tees..!

For 1 piece of tee there only costs around PHP300 plus (RM20 - 30 plus)! How cool is that huh!

So the one thing that I look forward to each time I visit Manila is to visit the SM departmental store and stock up my Batman tees!

However this time round, I was a lil disappointed.. for the Batman (or Superman) collection isn't as cool..

But well that disappointment was short cos I managed to buy some other superheroes tees - like the Transformers and also a Captain America jacket (which I got it at the Folded & Hung store).

Oh yeah!! :)

Not a fan of the evil Decepticons, but can't help it!
Love this jacket! Save the human race!!!
I like the mirrors of this shop.. very creative indeed! :)

*Besides superheroes tees, I also like the quirky tees in Manila!

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